A 10,000 km trip and a mobile home to the end of the world

A 10,000 km trip and a mobile home to the end of the world

Sandra and Alex decided a few months ago that before the start of 2024, they would pack their bags to live one of their life experiences with their daughter. After filling the passport with stamps from around the world, this time the pin served as a marker for the other end of the globe: Antarctica.

“Let's do one break. We actually traveled together. We conducted a four-month beta test in Mexico. We lived in rural towns and slept on the streets With one Combi From 88“The experience was brutal,” Sandra recalls of an experience that sparked her Adventurous spirit for the family. Even doubts about traveling with the little girl at home did not stop the project. “Families focus on children and consider them a source of food in every sense of the word,” he concludes. Alex had taken a trip to the southern part of the planet nearly two decades ago, on a bicycle from Ushuaia to Brazil. Now, it's time to double down.

At the end of November, they sent one from Belgium mobile home To Uruguay. A ship took them from Barcelona for about twenty days to Buenos Aires. Since then, they have taken several routes, passing through different countries. A few days ago, Sandra explained that they were stopping at one of the points marked in red on the map: Tierra del Fuca Grand Island, “The End of the World”he narrates through a cell phone message.

Photos of the trip to Antarctica | give up

“It shows respect. Beta testing gave us security. We did it convinced that everything was right What you find on the way compensates for all fears“, he confided days before the journey began. Little by little, as they conquered new places, the prejudices that had been built into them were removed.

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She says that she has taken on a lot of responsibility since she was young. The first flight, the escape forward, dissipated all initial hesitation. “When you try it, you feel like you develop a sixth sense for detecting dangers.” Now, the profession is to follow the adrenaline of travel. “We left without a return ticket. I don’t know what he has in store for us.” Cautious to say the least, the idea is to stay there for at least a year, during which they don't rule out looking for jobs if they have to line their pockets.

Photos of the trip to Antarctica | give up

From the beginning, they view adventure as an investment, with a return in formLearning. “There are complicated moments, especially because of the adaptation. But it enriches us a lot,” he says. Since it could not be otherwise, there were sacrifices as well. “We had to make a good piggy bank. Five years of doing things, figuring out what we wanted,” she says.

On the road, they bring the mobile home to life, visiting all sorts of places. “We are giving up the comforts we were offered in exchange for more time to share as a family,” he says. At the age of 45 and 54, they decided to quit everything they had to do Castellar del VallesWhere they live, to get to know a new reality and a part of themselves that is perhaps unknown and still unexplored.

A journey with a vengeful atmosphere

Loving for PhotographySandra never gave up her passion for being in it More than 10,000 kilometers. “We took our business tools with us. One idea I have is to do my own personal photography project along the way,” he warned a few weeks ago. The first few days have confirmed that the project is moving forward. “Travelling with Dita” It is shaped by the arrival of new experiences. “As a mother, I am so happy to see how he learns. “The day is full of stimuli and the great playground of the world keeps the culture flowing.”

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Although it was difficult for them to understand, their environment always supported the challenge. “A dream come true”Warned shortly before packing. And these days, as he recounted recently, it is inevitable that they will not miss the family and close environment with which they have shared day after day until now. In general, the trip has a revenge purpose. The goal of breaking away from what seems to many to be predetermined. “It means separating ourselves from the society that binds us today. Where everything is very materialistic. We want to change the concept to emotional things. You have to let go, you don't have much“He ponders.

Photos of the trip to Antarctica | give up

Sandra believes that this feeling will also permeate the little boy who is about to turn five years old. “The only thing we change for a girl is the daily stability of going to the same school with friends. You know you take that from him and he can pull you back. But I've seen that while traveling he's playing with other kids and sharing and learning, and that's just as enriching.” Regarding the educational process, he confirms that his training – as a graduate – allows him to learn everything he needs. “Maybe you don't need to rely on people so much.”, refers to the traditional teaching model. “Children's education has changed a lot and this can be learned abroad. I ask the program to find out what they are doing and how far they have to go. There are educational alternatives,” he points out.

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It is the philosophy of expedition. For movie lovers, “Captain Fantastic” in SpanishDeveloping the dreamer's mentality. Without stopping to investigate the will to grow personally. Also more than 10,000 kilometers away from the place you always considered home until today. Next stop: Porvenir, Strait of Magellan and Route 9 in Chile. A life's journey with learning – and the mobile home – as the main vehicle.

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