Gf Vip 7, Giaele’s Brother vs. Cristina Quaranta: Dinner Truth

Gf Vip 7, Giaele’s Brother vs. Cristina Quaranta: Dinner Truth

brother Gael de DonnaAnd MathiasHe recently published some Instagram stories Accuse Christina Quaranta to lie.

during the Episode 30 affiliate Big Brother VIP 7the former competitor, who returned to work as a waitress at Rugantino’s, said she witnessed Bradford Beck. Husband Yael He would go to the Roman restaurant with some men and about seven or eight women. As soon as the news reached the person concerned, a “quarrel” broke out between the two, with forty From Raad:I haven’t heard from you about your husband for four months, so should I ask you a question? Do you still remember your credit card PIN? It won’t be of any use in my opinion, you can even tear it off“.

An unfortunate verdict, condemned a few hours ago by L’s younger brother Yael He commented on the incident as follows:

Good morning, friends! Mathias Woke up a little grumpy this morning, but I’ll try to calm down and talk straight, ’cause I put my face on it, Christine forty. My love, in the meantime, I wanted to tell you that you are being ridiculous and that you really did make some inappropriate and inappropriate comments. Take it for a girl of twenty, with whom I was angry four months ago, for a story which you know well how it happened.

You know where and on what occasion we were there because I was there that night too and you do. To the very famous Rugantino, where the first episode says you’re working and the next episode says “No, but I don’t work there!So, the inconsistency starts to set in. Secondly, bringing him up after months and months is really inappropriate. Then, because he had to go and say something like that to my sister who hadn’t actually seen her husband in four months and hadn’t been in touch.

Mathias d Donates Then he added:

make certain hints, such as “Rip the card, do you remember the pin?“I find that really ridiculous of someone your age. On the contrary, you should try to support him and not just make trouble against him. But well, jealousy makes itself felt as my sister said.”One in and you out“, two questions if you ask them. Don’t worry, I’m already interfering, even outside of social networks you will soon find out everything, so I will leave you the surprise.

I’m just sorry my sister can’t know these things, and she can’t know that this information is wrong like you, but don’t worry, I’ll let her have it because I always get the message across to everyone. And as far as you’re concerned, look, if you want we’ll lock it up in chat otherwise, really, I have nothing to say to a woman like you.

I need not even stand here in public to say how that evening went because in the meantime it was inconvenient to bring it up. It was an evening where I was also there, and where refrigerator He came a very long time ago to help my family too and to help me with certain things. So, you don’t need explanations, I’ll give you some, especially for the models, and you knew very well how that evening went because they told you so correctly. I know because I also talked to the owners… Anyway, if you leave this thing alone, you will soon discover many new things… What can I say, they will either arrive or they will fly to Big brother. I did not say anything.

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