ETA, third defeat in court: right to work for 174 former Alitalia employees. “Continuity between the two companies”

ETA, third defeat in court: right to work for 174 former Alitalia employees.  “Continuity between the two companies”

Rome After winning many cases, ETA loses third place. Another labor judge in Rome (Paolo Mormell, this time) determines the right to work (in Italy) for 174 former Alitalia employees (35 with the rank of pilots or commanders).

As is already the case in June (in the capital) and in September (in Milan)once again the Labor Judge stated that Ita Airways is not a new airline that came out of nowhere.

backwards, Labor judge ensures continuity between new national airline (Ita Airways) and the old company, now bankrupt (Alitalia).

ETA, new knockout in court: “No to suspension from previous employment at Alitalia.” Carrier: Lufthansa Fly Away

By Aldo Fontanarossa

For only one euro

The labor judge bases his belief on an element of truth. On October 14, 2021, Ita Airways – for just one euro – got all the ‘goods and contracts’ Which was owned by both Alitalia and Alitalia Cityliner (which also went bankrupt).

Therefore, if Etta can fly it is because she has bought out her entire property From the previous two carriers (starting with aircraft).

The employment judge also weighed in on this latest ruling “Confirms and declares the right of the appellants to work on a permanent basis” by ETA.

Same salary

Recruitment will begin, he said “As well as a violation of the company’s employee recruitment procedures“With legal and economic effect from the date of signing of individual employment contracts, while maintaining the same economic regulatory framework.”

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in the sentence There is also a point in favor of Ita Airways. “All applications purporting to ensure the continuity of the appellants’ business relations between the assignor and the transferee are rejected,” the judge writes.

It can be concluded that – unlike other sentences – Ita will not have to postpone the hiring date to October 14, 2021 (The date of the debut of the new company). Recruitment will happen For example.

When negotiating the acquisition of 41% of ETA with the Ministry of Economy – the owner of the company – Germans from Lufthansa They have observed the problem of many labor lawsuits.

According to ETA’s lawyer, Lufthansa itself reserved the right to abandon the purchase of ETAIf labor judges had begun to agree with former Alitalia employees, as is happening now.

Optimistic Germans

But Thursday evening Lufthansa CEO Christine Spohr appeared calm. If the Italian government fears that the EU Commission will slow down the agreement between Italy and the GermansBut Spur is optimistic.

Trust that Europe – Guarantor of competition between companies – It will authorize the agreement and that Lufthansa can proceed with the integration of ITA at the beginning of next year.

The climate in Italy also pleases Spohr, He is convinced that the acquisition carried out by German hands has very broad support.

He did not mention the three rulings of labor judges In favor of former employees of Alitalia (in the last trial, the defenders were Antonino Galletti, Massimiliano Pizzi and Gianluca Caputo).

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