Frans Timmermans has resigned from the European Union

Frans Timmermans has resigned from the European Union

Now it’s official: Frans TimmermansExecutive Vice President European Commission pro’s green deal, he quit. His choice is related to his desire to run for the upcoming general elections in the Netherlands.

Frans Timmermans leaves the European Union

Frans Timmermans communicated his decision to leave the European Commission to the President Ursula von der Leyenwho expressed his “gratitude” to the vice president for the years of working “successfully” on behalf of European citizens. Timmermans’ decision opens a new chapter in his political career. The Executive Vice President of the European Commission has previously confirmed his intention to run in the upcoming political elections in the Netherlands, which will be held in the country after the fall of the Rutte government. But now it’s official. Thousands of members voted for the French Timmermans As the leader of GroenLinks-PvdA for the upcoming parliamentary elections – announced on X the coalition of the Social Democratic Party (Pvda) and the Green Party (GroenLinks) -. He has a clear vision green future And the social situation of the Netherlands and is ready to face the most important challenges with mutual trust and interest.” In fact, Timmermans was the only candidate.

A green future for the Netherlands?

And if he succeeds in the elections, the coalition he leads Commissioner of the European Union It could become the ruling coalition in the Netherlands. This prospect could lead to some complications for Europe: Timmermans, having left the Commission through the door, could return through the window through the European Council, the forum of leaders of EU member states.union. In this scenario, the Dutch politician’s green agenda may not be set aside entirely.

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Departing the Taliban for Climate: Good or Bad News?

Actually, there is more to it than that. Perhaps the now former vice president has decided to run in the Netherlands because he expects to change the majority in Parliament European Parliament In the next elections, or the formation of coalitions do not re-elect him as Deputy European Commissioner. So he went to seek his fortune elsewhere. at the same time, Timmermans areas of expertise will be temporarily overseen by the Vice President Maros Sefcovic, is waiting for the Netherlands to propose a candidate to replace Timmermans on the Commission.

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