Remigi’s note naked in front of Mara Maionchi, the reason is contradictory

Remigi’s note naked in front of Mara Maionchi, the reason is contradictory

What is singer Memo Remigi doing with Mara Maionchi and why is he completely naked? When you find out why, you can’t help but smile

Yes, you read correctly. Singer, composer and conductor Memo Remigi appeared nude in front of Mara Mayonchi. Born on May 27, 1938 in Arba, in the province of Como, Imedo Remigi, better known as Memo, is a famous pop music performer and composer. There is definitely one of his most famous songs Fall in love in Milan And the component piece for Orita Berti I will give you moreDuring his career, which began in the 1960s, he achieved tremendous success and participated three times in the Sanremo Festival as a competitor. He is also a well-known television personality, and last year he danced with Maria Ermashkova on the show Mili Carlucci. Dancing with the stars.

Mara Mayonchi, however, is one of the largest Italian record producers. In his career, he has worked with great artists of caliber Lucio Battisti, Ornella Fagnoni, Fabrizio De Andre and most recently Tiziano Ferro. Thanks to her participation in The X Factor as a judge, the producer, born in Bologna on April 22, 1941, became a well-known television personality. With her exuberant and spoiled, but very gentle character, Mara Mayonchi made herself instantly loved by the Italian audience, who will surely follow him in the next television adventure.

Memo Remigi strips down to Mara Mayonchi

Let’s talk about naked for life, the show that will air on Rai 2 starting Monday, September 12. Mara Mayonchi will be at the helm of the programme. And in the team of contenders, we’ll see, among others, Elisabetta Gregoracci, Corinne Cleary, Jill Roca and, more specifically, Memo Remigi. The game expects that the VIPs are completely naked, even if they are clearly censored, and that they give life to the hilarious performances. These offers, he said GossipeTVIt will be a real striptease, designed by Marcello Sacchetta. The latter was one of the first competitors to Maria de Filippi’s friends.

The twelve contestants, divided equally into six men and six women, will take off their clothes for a very important reason: The show will, in fact, talk about prostate and breast cancer prevention. Shows will alternate with moments of awareness, during which doctors and experts will intervene. In a recent interview with Panorama, Mara Mayonchi admitted that she had breast cancer, and underwent major surgery. Precisely for this reason, he chose to make a broadcast that promises to entertain but at the same time also to make the audience think about a very serious topic.

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