Honest confessions. There is life outside politics

Honest confessions.  There is life outside politics

Through the media they enter our homes every day. We know the faces and voices that accompany us in newspapers, radio, television and social networks. We know how to recognize their expressions, conjugations, and ways of saying it. Like it or not, we’re familiar, but what do we really know about the lives of the most famous figures on the Italian political scene?
“Onorevoli Confessioni,” the politics and fashion show directed by Laura Tecce, returns for its third season starting Saturday, November 12th at 22.55 on Rai2. Five episodes of unreleased and surprising photos of some of Italy’s main politicians, a heartfelt and emotional story that will make viewers aware of the most intimate aspects of their history and daily life outside of politics.
The hero of the first episode is the Minister of Regional Affairs and Self-Government Roberto Calderoli, one of the most prominent advocates of the League since then. While recounting the most important experiences, Minister Calderoli will immerse himself in curiosities and tales about the private sphere: childhood in the family with seven brothers and sisters; First experiments with free piracy radio, before regulating frequencies, in Bergamo Alta. Then the passion for sports, motorcycles, car rallies and the relationship with nature and animals. The picture will also focus on the long and deep human relationship with Umberto Bossi, from the first steps of the Lombard League. Roberto Calderoli will also talk candidly to Laura Ticchi about her love story with Gianna Gancea, about marriage and love for her son and, finally, about the brave battle she fought and won against the disease.

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