Al-Bano is positive for the Corona virus after 3 doses: “I do not believe it”

Al-Bano is positive for the Corona virus after 3 doses: “I do not believe it”

One Begins 2022 little crack Albano Carisi. He was Romina Power’s ex-husband forced to give up new years From Channel 5 As a result with Federica Panicucci positive In Covid-19, enough to force him to stay at home Property Celino San Marco, in Puglia, cancels the numerous commitments in agenda.

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And the singer spoke in an interview with the weekly newspaper Oggi, which was republished today on his personal account on Instagram, stressing that he does not have No symptoms. Loredana Lecciso’s partner underwent three doses Vaccine in the past year one option Who has the rescued: “I feel it we willIf you don’t know you are, positive I won’t believe it. After taking three doses of Serum I can say that I neither see nor feel the virus. Last year I would have done that hundreds And I’ve always been outside Denial: When they told me that I was positive Non I could to believe my ears.”

owns the bano captured Contracting with Covid-19 in Croatia, during the Christmas holidays, where he went for the first time, twenty years ago, for spend Christmas with her daughter Kristel, who recently became the baby’s mother for the third time RioDavor Luksic’s brother-in-law and fourth child Romina Carpentry.

“I was too little day And she was beautiful. Only my daughter invited some on the 24th friends It turned out that one of them was positive. Romina Jr and I own it be She caught, and fortunately Kristel and her children are passive.”

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