Has the balance of power reversed?

Has the balance of power reversed?

Inverted balance of power?
The question is legitimate. It is even necessary.

The influencing forces are The two greatest powers in the world: the United States and China.

Relationships are complicated and tense to say the least: might have flipped, in fact.

Blinken’s visit to Beijing is historical and fleeting.

First meeting with his counterpart, the owner of Foreign Affairs Qin Gang, then Face to face with the President himself, Xi Jinping.

Concerned diplomacy celebrates “progress” And highlight the need stability of bilateral relations..

But the truth of the facts is more complex, and above all divisive.

The war in Ukraine, the attitude towards Russia. Not to mention Taiwanfertile ground for a possible new direct confrontation, and thus worse than the previous one, in Kiev and its surroundings.

still: Sanctions, human rights, the very concept of democracy.

Everything seems to divide the US and China.

No diplomacy holds. No brief document can actually bring two states, two realities closer together, e.g Two paradigms, in fact opposites, opposites in everything.

Then there are some The “aesthetic” aspects to be analyzed.


For if it is true that the American Secretary of State was greeted by his highest-ranking Chinese boss (a gesture which must be evaluated in diplomacy as too open, almost too condescending), then it is also true, What Shi did is disrespectful. That handshake is weak. That the eyes do not cross. which seems, in a word, more a way for the dragon to crush the eagle than he who knows any form of courtesy.

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“We do not take orders from the United States or accept instructions on how to act, whatever the issues.”
This is clearly a strong message from China to the world.

Economic-commercial relations and open, lasting and honest dialogue.
but No jamming. species on “One China” policyabout that Taiwan feels Beijing is its own and that’s it.

Among the US-Chinese 48 hours, what’s left?

The image of America trying to lingeralbeit with Far and weak boss.
And the image of a China that does not even think of submitting to Western dictates remains impressive.

Is the second now stronger than the first?
Are power relations really inverted?
The question is legitimate. It is even necessary. And it stays legit.

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