Superbonus 110, in which cases the Revenue Agency blocks payments

Superbonus 110, in which cases the Revenue Agency blocks payments

Benefit from Superbonus 110% is possible. Pay attention, however, to possible controls of the tax authorities. Here’s what you need to know about it.

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A measure intended to encourage the redevelopment and renovation of buildings, and Super Bonus 110% It undoubtedly presents itself as one of the most popular incentives. This facility actually raises the tax deduction rate to 110%. expenses incurred to carry out some interventions. These include, for example, the infrastructure for charging electric vehicles in buildings.

Thus, interested parties can directly benefit from deductible with your tax return. Instead they can choose one Direct discount on the invoice by the supplier making the interventions or Assignment of credit to third parties. A very important opportunity, in which you need to pay attention to certain elements. In fact, there are some moves that tax authorities will never forgive.

Superbonus 110%, pay attention to the tax authorities: in this case it can block payments

The Super Bonus 110% It attracted the interest of a large number of people who, thanks to this facility, can finally perform many functions that have been postponed over the years. In order to take advantage of this procedure, it is possible to exploit credit assignment Or what Direct discount on the invoice.

Regardless of the chosen solution, in any case you should pay attention to tax. As the law has assured everyone, in fact, there are some instances in which a revenue agency may decide block payments.

Indeed, after amendments to the legislation, “Preventive checks that can destroy all benefits in case something is not clearIt follows that the tax authorities may decide to stop the payments or require that, after a few years, Return any non-existent credits.

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Balance Transfer and Invoice Discounting: When Revenue Agency Checks Are Running

In this regard, we remind you that both the tax credit allocation and the deduction must be sent to the invoice Enea sworn data electronically Released on the interventions. The taxpayer must also electronically communicate withrevenue agency their selection by March 31 of the year following the date on which the business payments are made.

Starting with this contact, the IRS can step in and block payments related to the 110% Superbonus. After receiving the communication about the appropriation of credit or deduction on the invoice, in fact, the IRS can carry out some checkups In such a way as to verify the validity of the data and above all that the requesting persons are actually entitled to receive it.

So the Revenue Agency can”Suspension, up to thirty daysCommunication effects of remittances‘, from associated credits Premium Builder Bonus 110%, “Also after the first, and from the options sent to the same agency providing risk profiles, for relevant preventive control purposes“. In case infractions or whatever Personal files are at riskSo, skip everything.

On the contrary, if no discrepancies are found or 30 days have passed in any case from the date on which the communication was sent without the agency itself hearing, then the waiver of credit or debit on the invoice is in effect at all respected. At the same time we must not let our guard down and above all else Do not throw away the documents.

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In fact, the Revenue Agency can go on with the checks and ask for a refund of any amounts the taxpayer has unnecessarily earned. This is amazing By December 31 of the following year to the person to whom the violation occurred.

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