Autonomous driving Mercedes in the US is ready for Level 3

Autonomous driving Mercedes in the US is ready for Level 3

The German company has announced that Level 3 autonomous driving will be available in America during 2023. On appropriate highway sections, with a top speed of up to 60 km/h, Drive Pilot will take control of the vehicle.

Emiliano Ragoni

Tesla and Mercedes, two houses quite apart in terms of engineering approach. Tesla, led by the genius of Musk, is a company forging a very American approach characterized by “failure and failure” where the user plays an integral role as an active part of the development process. An example of this is the advanced version of Autopilot, called FSD-Full Self Driving, which is currently still in beta and subject to periodic updates. Instead, Mercedes has made Level 2 semi-automatic drivetrain available in its cars and is now ready to upgrade to Level 3.

Mercedes arrives, semi-autonomous driving

At CES 2023, the German company announced that SAE Level 3 autonomous driving will arrive in Nevada and California in 2023. Mercedes customers will soon be able to take advantage of Level 3 adaptive automated driving in the United States, California and Nevada. On suitable sections of the motorway and where traffic density is high, the automated driving system, called Drive Pilot, takes over the steering wheel, initially up to the legally permitted speed of 60 km/h. Customers in these stages will also be able to focus on some secondary activities, such as communicating with colleagues via the In-Car desk, surfing the web, or relaxing by watching a movie. Mercedes has applied for certification in California and Nevada, and once approved, it will distribute Drive Pilot in these states. We remember that car Level 3 compliant able to move forward on its own under certain conditions, such as when queuing in traffic; In this state, the car can move forward independently, controlling the accelerator, brakes and steering.

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It also improves Level 2 autonomous driving

Mercedes also announced a new Automatic Lane Change (ALC) feature, which will hit the North American market this year. The ALC allows the car to independently start lane changes and overtake slower vehicles with cruise control engaged. The system represents a further expansion of Mercedes Level 2’s partially self-driving functionality, in which the driver remains in charge at all times. To use the ALC, the driver sets the speed of the adaptive cruise control (Active Distance Assist Distronic). Active Steering Assist, which is activated by default, does the rest. The car constantly monitors its surroundings through a series of radar sensors and cameras to overtake slower cars on the highway. Once overtaken, the vehicle helps the user to return to the original lane. The ALC can also initiate automatic lane changes, actively following lane guidance as you approach ramps or highway junctions.

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