Afghanistan: UN leader condemns Taliban promises made to women

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday condemned the Taliban for violating promises made to women and girls in Afghanistan and called on the world to pay cash into the country to avert a recession.

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During a press conference at UN headquarters, he said: “I am appalled that the Taliban ‘s promises to women and girls in Afghanistan have not been heeded.

“I urge the Taliban to fulfill their promises to women and girls and to fulfill their obligations under international human rights and humanitarian law,” she added.

A UN official said, “We will not give up.”

“Broken promises will lead to shattered dreams of women and girls in Afghanistan,” said Antonio Guterres, who, since 2001, has “reduced the average time at school by six to ten years”. “Eighty percent of Afghanistan’s economy is informal, with women playing a key role. Without them, Afghanistan’s economy and society would have no chance of recovery,” she warned.

The UN chief also declared that “I urge the world to pay cash into the Afghan economy” as Afghanistan’s assets are frozen and development aid halted to avert an economic collapse in Afghanistan.

“We need to find ways to” allow people to live “,” breathe new life into the economy “and” we can do this without violating international law, “he said.

UN According to officials, the UN does not receive funds from international funds or Afghanistan. It is possible for agencies or NGOs to block.

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This practice, especially with US-recognized bank exemptions, has already been applied to Yemen in the past, among other things.

According to Antonio Guterres, the “international community is moving slowly” to pay cash into the Afghan economy. “The people of Afghanistan cannot suffer collective punishment because of the Taliban’s behavior,” he said, alluding to sanctions against Kabul.

In Afghanistan, the humanitarian and economic crisis affects at least 18 million people, or half the population.

International humanitarian aid has so far been provided unhindered by the Taliban to various parts of Afghanistan, and even with assistance in matters of their “cooperation” and “security,” said Antonio Guterres.

“The number of incidents during humanitarian operations is gradually declining,” he said.

Tuesday’s meeting between Taliban and EU officials

Taliban leaders will meet with EU (EU) officials in Doha on Tuesday as the new Afghan regime seeks to break its diplomatic isolation, their acting foreign minister announced Monday.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we will meet with representatives of the European Union. We have positive meetings with representatives of other countries, ”said Amir Khan Mutaki, during a conference in the Qatari capital, without mentioning the activities of these European leaders or their numbers.

“We want positive relations with the whole world. We believe in balanced international relations. We hope that such a balanced relationship will save Afghanistan from instability,” the official said, according to a direct translation of his speech from Pashtun into English.

The new Islamic regime that came to power in Afghanistan in August has not been recognized by any country. But in the wake of the 20-year war and the imminence of a serious humanitarian crisis in this country that relies entirely on international aid, diplomatic maneuvers are on the rise.

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In Doha on Saturday, the Taliban met with US officials for the first direct talks since coming to power with Washington. Their foreign minister called on the United States to “establish good relations” and not to “weaken the current government in Afghanistan.”

After years of negotiations between the Taliban and the United States, Qatar is playing an essential mediating role between the Islamic movement and the Western Chancellors.

Last week, senior Taliban officials received British Ambassador to Afghanistan Simon Gas in Kabul.

A German foreign ministry spokesman also told the AFP that a delegation from his country had met with “senior Taliban representatives in Doha” on Monday. Issues of security, terrorist threats and human rights were discussed in the “professional context”.

“Neutralize Dash”

Amir Khan Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has vowed to keep the Taliban “in control” of the Islamic State group, which has recently stepped up attacks in Afghanistan, and last Friday targeted a Shia mosque in Kunduz. At least 55 people.

“We have a lot of positive results …

The United States and the United Kingdom on Monday targeted hotels in Kabul and asked their compatriots to avoid hotels in Kabul without mentioning security content.

Amir Khan Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has promised to prevent terrorist attacks on foreign soil from Afghanistan.

The United States invaded the country in 2001 and overthrew the Taliban regime in response to the September 11 attacks by Al Qaeda from Afghanistan and the September 11 attacks controlled by the Taliban. U.S. forces withdrew on August 30 following an agreement with the Taliban that returned to power in mid-August.

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“Violated Promises”

Since then, the Islamic movement has shown its white feet in the hope of forging ties with foreign powers, especially the West. The latter insist on respecting human rights, especially women’s rights, as the Taliban imposed a brutal regime in their previous regime.

Three weeks ago when the boys were allowed to return to the school benches, the girls and teachers were asked to stay at home.

Aamir Khan Muthaki justified the exclusion of girls from schools due to closures related to the Govt-19 epidemic. “The reopening of schools has already begun,” he said.

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