Active ray tracing confirms in racing, not only in replay, creative director –

Active ray tracing confirms in racing, not only in replay, creative director –

Chris Isaki, Creative Director of The New Forza Motorsport For PC and Xbox, during the live broadcast, reiterate that the new Turn 10 game will feature ray tracing in real time during competitionsand not only during reboots or image mode, ensuring that developers are not trying to mislead players in this regard.

Forza Motorsport was presented for PC and Xbox during Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022, where we saw the first gameplay video and it was confirmed that the game will use real-time ray tracing.

Forza Motorsport, official photo

However, apparently, given the precedents for Forza Horizon 5 (outside of races only) and Gran Turismo 7 (only in replays and in the garage), Esaki felt the need to clarify this point, namely that active ray tracing would be active during races, as we play , all in real time.

“The ray tracing is here. It’s on track, and most importantly, it’s with real-time gameplay. I really want to make it clear: When we say ‘on track’, it doesn’t mean that in replay or just image mode we’re trying to be mysterious.” Isaki said during a live broadcast. “We’re not trying to mislead you. When you’re competing and when you’re playing Forza Motorsport, ray tracing is on. We want to be clear about that. When it comes to ray tracing, yes, it looks amazing: it looks realistic and immersive and you see that in the gameplay – I really want to be Very clear about this.

We remind you that Forza Motorsport will be available on Xbox, PC and cloud consoles during Spring 2023.

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