Achille Lauro wins the 2022 edition of the Una Voce Festival of San Marino-

The singer won the victory and flies as the representative of the Republic of San Marino to the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest scheduled for May in Turin

Achille Laurosuper favorite eve and on the pole also for betting, with “stripper” She won the first edition of “Vote for San Marino” And she will participate as a representative of the Republic of Titan inEurovision Song Contest, scheduled from May 10 to 14 in Turin. Selected by a jury led by Mughal On the last evening at the Teatro Nuovo di Dogana broadcast by San Marino Rtv, the event organizers with Media Evolution and the Ministry of State for Tourism Affairs
. In Esc it will “challenge” the duo made up of them among others Mahmoud and BlancoAnd the Italy campaign and winners with “goosebumps” From the last Sanremo Festival, where Lauro finished 14th with “Sunday”.

to me 2nd place Turkish DJ burak ytter With Alessandro Colli (among the big names with “More than you”), the third emerging Aaron Sibley from the United Kingdom (“pressure”). Grand Final Guests bano And the Mirco Casadei To honor his father Raoul. Participation in “Una Voce per San Marino” was open to big And the new Without the restrictions of citizenship and language choice in the interpretation of the piece presented for the competition.

Among the big names in dispute – presented by Italian-Eritrean artist will finish, Who represented San Marino last year with “Adrenaline”, and by the conductor of the Israeli Orchestra Jonathan Kachanian – Also Valerio Scanno, Ivana Spagna and Alberto Fortes with Formula 3 drummer Tony Secco and Romanian band Dichidos and former trumpeter Francesco Monti and Cristina Ramos, winner of “Got Talent Espana” and “La Voz Mexico”, Matteo Faustini, winner of Lunezia Prize for “Performances” The new” for Sanremo 2020, and “The Wild Card” Fabry & Labiuse feat. Miodio, San Marino’s first Eurovision participant in 2008. He gave instead Rate For health reasons rapper blindamong the “X Factor” 2020 champions. There are also nine emerging singers in the competition: in addition to Aaron Sibley, Camille Cabalterra, Basti, Fina Rose, Alicia Labette, Merclair (Maria Chiara Leoni), Kurt Cassar, Elena, Francesco Faggi, his companion .

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