Accusations in the Committee against Trump of the attack on Congress – North America

Accusations in the Committee against Trump of the attack on Congress – North America

Donald Trump He “chose not to act” on January 6. Despite pressure from his advisers, including his two sons Ivanka and Eric, the former president was adamant on television watching the Fox attack. Thus, he “betrayed his oath to the constitution”, “did not defend the homeland” and “abandoned his obligations”.

investigation committee About assaulting Congress He reconstructs 187 minutes of the uprising, from when Trump left the podium after calling his supporters for a rally on Capitol Hill to when he posted the video on Twitter asking his fans to go home. “He paved the way for violence and corruption” with his attempts to overturn the outcome of the vote and for that he must be “accountable,” says Special Committee Chairman, Democrat Benny Thompson.

With live and non-live videos and testimonials, the commission – minute by minute – goes beyond those Just over three hours of panic. Hours of tension in the White House as nearly all of the president’s advisers tried in vain to get him to step in and stop the protest. Trump had not heard from anyone, and in fact, before the violence exploded in force, he tweeted against former Vice President Mike Pence calling him a “coward” for wanting to certify the vote. During those hours in Congress, Pence was promptly removed from the Secret Service: agents – according to the commission’s reports – were so worried that the worst could happen that they called their families to say hi.

With Twitter on Vice President Trump “Put fuel on the fire”Sarah Matthew, a former deputy White House press secretary, told the committee that she actually gave “permission” to protesters to raise their voices. When the situation on Capitol Hill exploded, the former president was busy arm wrestling With his family who wanted him to tweet to calm people and call for peace. It took hours, until 16.02, before Trump was persuaded to release a comfort video asking protesters to go home. The video recording was made possible in part thanks to the intervention of Ivanka who helped to find the right words, the ones that the president liked.

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“Everyone ‘in and out of the White House’ wanted the protests to stop. Everyone but Trump,” Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger, a committee member, notes Jan. 6. During the two hours and 45 minutes of the hearing, the committee also provided a video of Trump on January 7, when he was speaking to the nation more than 24 hours after the attack, but only after he was informed of the true possibility of impeachment. Appeal to the Twenty-fifth Amendment. The video shows Trump refusing to say that “the elections are closed”: “I can’t say. I say Congress has approved” the result.

In the White House, while Congress was under attack, Melania Trump was there. “I didn’t know what was happening or I would have condemned the violence,” the former first lady told Fox before the commission’s public hearing. “I was doing my duties as First Lady – he points out – and cataloging White House articles for the National Archives.” The hearing ends with the harsh words of Liz Cheney, the Republican member of the committee. The ex-president is ‘indefensible’, He says. He added, “He has used the patriotism of his supporters as a weapon,” and has set a September date for a new series of hearings.

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