January 31, 2023

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Financial Times and the European Union to suspend the visa agreement with Russia and Europe

The European Union is about to suspend the visa agreement with Russia. The Financial Times reported that, citing some sources, the suspension is an attempt to limit the number of travel permits issued after some Eastern European members threatened to unilaterally close their borders to Russian tourists.
Some countries have called for joint measures to stop the flow of Russians to Europe on tourist visas. The Czech Republic and Poland banned the issuance of Russian visas shortly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, others continued to guarantee travel documents, allowing Russians with visas to move freely in the Schengen area.
As a first step, the EU is preparing to provide political support for the suspension of the EU-Russia agreement at the two-day meeting in Prague, which will open on Tuesday. “It is not appropriate for Russian tourists to tour our cities. We must send a signal to the Russian population that this war is not OK, it is not acceptable,” a European official told the Financial Times.

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