Jeff Grubb talks about the sequel, noting the setting and release period –

Jeff Grubb talks about the sequel, noting the setting and release period –

Jeff Group Share a new rumor, this time dedicated to the unspoken following of Soaring Phoenix Immortals. The reporter spoke about the release period, setup, and more on the Game Mess Decides podcast.

According to Grubb, the pursuit of Immortals Fenyx Rising is more of a kind Role. The production name of this new game is “Oxygen”. It will allow us to choose our character between a boy and a girl and the whole adventure will be based on Polynesian culture in Hawaii.

It seems to be so drawing style It will always be flowery, but it won’t be identical to that of Immortals Fenyx Rising, which is very similar to Breath of the Wild. There is even talk of a graphic “reboot”.

Also, according to Grubb, the game is still one Pre-production: Currently only concept art is available. The release period could be 2025, although it is too early to give a specific date. The point is, this project is still in its early stages and it will take some time for Ubisoft to have some time to publish the game.

Game Mess co-host then decides to ask Grubb if the Immortals sequel might be one of the unannounced games that Ubisoft recently canceled. Grob claims it can, but he doesn’t think that’s the case.

The duo then states that a graphic reboot, with a fresh setting and the best first chapter ideas could be a successful combination for this sequel/episodic. What do you think that?

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