April 2, 2023

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AC Milan-Salzburg 4-0, Rossoneri in the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 – Football

Milan’s wait is over. After nine seasons (2013/2014), far from the knockout stage, the Rossoneri reached the knockout stages of the Champions League. Stefano Pioli celebrates contract renewal in the best possible way, embracing players who are taking another important step in a steady growth that doesn’t seem to stop. Salzburg, while trying to sell their lives dearly, must succumb to the supremacy of Milan, champions of the caliber of Giroud, who is 36 years old, agonizingly hungry for a child. A driver with two goals and assists, which is a certainty for Pioli at the most sensitive moment, he is the longest-lived in the last twenty years to impact more than three goals in a single match. Leao’s inspiration is hard to limit when he lights up and can dance with the ball between his feet, this time hitting the crossbar, but he packs a low cross for Giro making Torino forget. There is also room for Krunic’s goal, an example of this Milan who sacrifices himself and never leaves himself unprepared. And to seal Messias in recovery. Pure poker. San Siro is a party, in the stands the wave is drawn and the clouds are already considered. The Rossoneri qualify for second place in the group, a predictable result that would have been better without Tomori’s red penalty against Chelsea. But it is already a forgotten episode. Because Milan always gets up and knows how to manage important dates, like the ones against Salzburg. Just three minutes later, 72,000 San Siro fans were shaken by the outside post kicked by Theo Hernandez, who tried to slash Kun with a pass from Kronich. But this is not a sign of an easy match. The pressure on Salzburg is very intense. We often see in the Milan defense extraordinary interventions that save the result. Like preventing Tomori from deducing Kjergaard after Kjir made a mistake in disengaging. After Milan’s first big fright, Giroud’s goal that opened the game arrived. A corner kick by Tomori, the Frenchman separates himself from the Gouma-Douath mark and furiously, with a header, finds the advantage. However, the Gisele team, made up of talents in their early twenties, does not give up and tries to fight back. Pioli in the offensive phase makes Theo Hernandez rise so he often finds himself at the end or face to face with the goalkeeper, but only gets close to scoring. In the 28th minute another miracle in defense by saving Kalulu in a slip on Okafor set off on the net. The desire to chase the dream was so strong that the Austrians appeared on the field at least five minutes before the start of the second half. But the Rossoneri need less than a turn of the clock to find the safety double. Cross Rebek, Jerrod’s Tower and Krunic’s head bags in the corner. The goals and assists of the Frenchman, the driver like a true hero knows and must do. Ten minutes passed and Jiro pushed off the double’s whim as well, catching Liao’s low cross. The Portuguese turned after a game in dim light and managed to hold the ball along the entire attacking area until he made the decisive pass in the middle. It is the Portuguese inspiration that glorifies the audience, spontaneously giving birth to the Brazilian choir to whoever is Portuguese. Liao also gets close to scoring by hitting the crossbar in Theo Hernandez’s feed, then Pioli called him up again. At 3-0 we can think about the championship. The rotation changes and in just 15 minutes you will find the Strait of Messias. Poker and goals centered on Gerry Cardinale’s biggest smile.

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