Di Marzio – Buongiorno Inter, yes from Oaktree but it depends on De Vrij

Di Marzio – Buongiorno Inter, yes from Oaktree but it depends on De Vrij

According to Gianluca Di Marzio, Inter intend to focus on Bongiorno: the latest

Speaking on Sky Calciomercato L’Originale, Gianluca Di Marzio assessed the situation regarding Inter’s signing of Buongiorno:

“In the last 48 hours, Napoli have concluded the agreement with Torino: 35 million plus 5 bonuses, the two clubs have agreed on payment terms for three years. Then there was a meeting with Risso, and today another meeting with De Laurentiis. In these matches Napoli does everything and more, fulfilling the release clause of 70 million which comes into effect in the third year of five, Inter, after losing Buchanan and understanding the possible Arab offers for De Vrij, inquire about Buongiorno and says to Buongiorno’s agent: ‘We are here, but is the boy waiting for us?

“If Buongiorno wants to wait for Inter, everything will become more difficult for Napoli. If he chooses Napoli, the signing of Inter will be late. There is a dinner in Milan, and we will see if he gives the green light to his club.” If he takes time, it means he can choose Inter. Inter have not yet made the offer, and they have also asked for time to try to resolve the issue. De Vrij would rather make a bigger investment in a young player like Buongiorno than someone like Hermoso, who has been offered to him. Whether Buongiorno will give time to Inter or not, we will probably find out tonight.”

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