AC Milan-Conegliano 0-3 Live A1 Women’s Volleyball Final: The Panthers’ dominance, everything will be decided in Match 5!

AC Milan-Conegliano 0-3 Live A1 Women’s Volleyball Final: The Panthers’ dominance, everything will be decided in Match 5!

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11:15 p.m. All that’s left is to set a date for Game 5, OA Sport Thank you for following through on the passions of this game with us and we wish you a good continuation of the evening.

23:13 This evening, after several games, the real Conegliano and especially the real Huck appeared again on the field, in fact Isabelle made the difference for the Panthers with 23 points (20/39 in offense). The best for Milan instead, with 12 points, was Stysiak (34% efficiency in attack). Plummer also did well with 11 points and scored with 10 Seals (7 of 10 on offense) and 3 blocks.

23:10 The absolute dominance of the Panthers, the final of the tournament will be decided in the fifth game and Conegliano will be able to play it in front of his fans at PalaVerde.

17-25 Stysiak Error in Service!

17-24 Bejic eliminates the first.

16-24 parallel with Plummer, there are 8 flat points for Conegliano.

16-23 Lubyan’s joke does not pass.

15-23 Moron Fihr on Stysiak.

15-22 Mani-out by Plummer, Conegliano is one step away from the -5 race.

15-21 Plummer shoulder from fourth.

15-20 Gennari multiplication error.

14-20 Candy replaces Foley.

14-20 foul on Stesiak’s offense.

14-19 Fear Foley, blue lost support, fortunately nothing serious.

14-18 Hack also failed from nine metres.

13-18 foul on Stefanovic’s serve.

13-17 Mani outside Stesiak of the second line.

12-17 Fehr’s joke does not pass.

11-17 De Kruijf is also on the field.

11-17 Moroni by Plummer to close one of the longest exchanges of the match.

11-16 Milan opens, Pericati enters for Conegliano on the back lap.

10-16 Mani-out by Haak, Begic enters for Milan.

10-15 parallel to Robinson-Cook with virtually no wall.

10-14 Fehr wins net contrast with Orro, Conegliano escapes.

10-13 Sela fails to shoot the ball close to the net.

10-12 Lelouch plays 5 in favor of Huck, the Swede executes a crazy attack.

10-11 Stysiak finds my hand wall fehr.

9-11 Wolosz serves his center core again, and it’s not a mistake this time around.

9-10 Wall Stefanovic on Fehr.

8-10 surgical lobe of sella.

7-10 Fast from Lubian, who closes the shot with a tight diagonal.

7-9 mane-out with the suspense of Stestiac.

6-9 parallel developed by Robinson Cook.

6-8 narrow diagonal cannon fired by Sticiak.

5-8 miracle lift Orro, Larson then finds a large diagonal.

4-8 Robinson Cook training.

4-7 Stefanovic wins with a goal against Lubien.

3-7 Welsh powers the match for Fehr.

3-6 Lube Fida Oro II.

2-6 Wall Hack in Sella, Milan is dying.

2-5 Hack hand from fourth place, her nineteenth point.

2-4 along to serve Welch.

1-4 index of wall ceiling on Stysiak.

1-3 Plummer brushes on Sticiak’s parietal hands.

1-2 pushed by Stysiak, and the Pole took the field in place of Thompson.

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0-2 Hack picks up where it left off.

0-1 starts again with a hands-on from Plummer.

22:40 partial seconds at times Conegliano dominated, to make the difference Isabel Hack simply had 8 points and only 57% offense in the set.

20-25 Huck the tyrant can’t help but shut it down.

20-24 diagonal deep sella of the fourth seat.

19-24 Mani-out by Haak, there’s a 5 set point for Conegliano.

19-23 The ball pushed the lob by Stysiak, 7 points with 67% offense on it.

18-23 Plummer driving a stud in parallel.

18-22 Candy ready from nine meters.

18-22 Crazy criticism of Sticiak, excellent entry for the pole.

17-22 Begic Online Service.

17-21 Begić takes Larsson’s place.

17-21 Stysiak played by De Kruijf Wall.

16-21 Genari in the field for the joke.

16-21 Larson Network Invasion.

Another 16-20 points from the second place of Sticiak.

15-20 stysiak deep diagonal.

14-20 Robinson-Cook makes use of the slash.

14-19 Foley Fault, Conegliano now takes it all in defense.

14-18 Stefanovic’s joke does not pass.

14-17 Larsson opens the situation for Milan.

13-17 Isabel Hack is simply possessed, the Swede puts on anything.

13-16 Hack again, point in the screenshot.

13-15mm parallel hack.

13-14 Pericati in Plummer Square on the back lap.

13-14 Stefanovic quick training.

12-14 foul this time for the Pole.

12-13 aces with the help of a listic tape.

11-13 immediately parallel to Stysiak.

10-13 defense by Wolosz and crazy steering by Plummer. Stysiak takes over from Thompson.

10-12 Sela attack foul, partial 4-0 Panthers.

10-11 The third point in a row for the opposite Swede.

10-10 Hack restores the difference to a tie.

10-9 Training Hack from the second line.

10-8 foul from nine meters also for Lubian.

9-8 Larson’s joke hinges on tape.

9-7 first half in three meters from Foley.

8-7 Thompson, without a run, puts a nail in his six.

7-7 quick by Ljubljana, it comes back to tie.

7-6 shoulder four meters to Robinson Cook.

7-5 Plummer tube error.

6-5 Larson’s diagonal view.

5-5 Lelouch’s aerial invasion at the end of a combat exchange.

4-5 first half in three meters from Lubien.

4-4 Lube Niyyah Oro II.

3-4 answers with the same plummer coin.

3-3 winning Thompson tube.

2-3 Fault in Sela attack.

2-2 Passed by Thompson from second.

1-2 diagonal per three meter hack.

1-1 Moron Index on Thompson.

1-0 starts again with an error in the service of Lubien.

22:10 Conegliano wins the tight first set full of pathos, even if it’s not pretty from a game point of view. Tension was felt throughout, with both teams failing enough, and in the end it was the details that made the difference.

24-26 Hack closes the first set!

24-25 pushed by Robinson Cook who went down in Milan, not without luck.

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24-24 Larson drill, the set point is canceled.

23-24 at halftime to De Kruijf on a replay, what bravery from Wolosz.

23-23 Stsiak takes Uru’s place to raise the wall.

23-23 Murone di Orro In De Kruijf, the Dutch mean is not embodied in the slash.

22-23 De Kuijf also entered the field.

22-23 found Huck Begić in his place six.

22-22 Bejek is on the field for the joke.

22-22 Genari goes into the back lap.

22-22 Plummer’s joke does not pass.

21-22 This time Huck passes diagonally without problems.

21-21 Hak’s net invasion, it’s all going to be rebuilt!

20-21 parallel with Sela, a great first set for the blue striker.

19-21 first half tyrannical Fehr.

19-20 Candy in the field for the joke.

19-20 mane-out with thrill sella.

18-20 Plummer penetrates both hands of Wall Foley.

18-19 A shot behind Thompson’s wall, Santarelli calls a timeout.

17-19 Seven Deep Foley.

16-19 mm Haak parallel.

16-18 Orro plays Larson staggered, diagonal in three meters from the United States.

15-18 fast from Lubian, Conegliano tries to escape.

15-17 Huck finds Baqir defending Thompson.

15-16 Thompson offensive foul.

15-15 The first half of the Lubian has been mobilized.

15-14 impregnable fast for Stefanovic.

14-14 Hack win in parallel from second place.

14-13 Practice from Thompson from the second line.

13-13 The miracle of Lelouch in the elevator Fehr is not wrong.

13-12 Di Gennaro and Robinson completely stop Cook on a vacant ball, and Milan come back.

12-12 Broadside by Sela, failed to keep Robinson Cook on defense.

11-12 offensive also fouled by Plummer, not a good volley yet.

10-12 A very strange error in De Gennaro’s reconstruction.

9-12 Gaspari calls a timeout.

9-11 Silla misses four from his place and breaks to Conegliano.

9-10 seconds Wrong submission for Foley.

9-9 nine-meter foul Lopina.

8-9 first half pace, Conegliano goes forward.

8-8 blow deep in six place for Plummer.

8-7 Thomson’s oblique side.

7-7 slips Folie’s first half, and it comes back to tie.

7-6 set win for Haak.

7-5 Online Hack Report.

6-5 Huck goes over the foley wall.

6-4 Larson scored with the help of tape this time.

5-4 points confirmed for Conegliano.

5-4 Larson does not find the hand of the block, Gaspari calls the challenge.

A quick 5-3 by Stefanovic to close the first long exchange of the match.

4-3 Wall Ceiling Hack in Cella.

4-2 diagonal deep Sella from fourth place.

3-2 nine-meter foul also to Foley, the start of the decade for both teams.

3-1 along serving Lubian.

2-1 out of bounds on Thompson’s offense.

2-0 Wolosz coverage error, Conegliano very bad start.

1-0 starts with a quick error from Lubien.

21:30 Milan responds with: Orro, Thompson, Folie, Stevanovic, Sylla, Larson and Parrocchiale.

21:29 This is the Conegliano sextet: Wolosz, Haak, Robinson-Cook, Plummer, Lubia, Fahr, and De Gennaro.

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21:27 It’s time for Mameli.

21:26 The warm-up is over, everything is ready!

21:24 The view of the Monza Arena is something unbelievable, the crowd is really the crowd for great events.

21:22 These formations faced each other 6 times in the season, with Milan unable to impose itself except in the last two direct confrontations.

21:19 In order to try to win the 5th consecutive championship, Conegliano is forced to win tonight at Monza Arena and then also win Game 5 that will likely be played at PalaVerde.

21:16 Orro and his teammates lead 2-1 in the series, thanks to 3-0 in Game 2 and 3-2 in Game 3 in PalaVerde.

21:13 Milan, in front of the host’s crowd, has the first match point available to try to win the first championship in its history.

21:10 Good evening and welcome to the live broadcast of Milan – Conegliano, a match valid for Game 4 of the 2022-2023 Serie A Women’s Volleyball Championship Final.

OA Sport friends good afternoon and welcome Live broadcast from Milan KoniglianQ, the match is valid for Match 4 of the 2022-2023 Serie A Women’s Volleyball Scudetto Final. The moment of truth is getting closer and closer, Milan, leading 2-1, will have their first match point tonight in their bid to win the title.

Contrary to all expectations on the eve of Milan, the series presents tonight and will be able to close it in front of its fans in the Monza Arena, the first historical scudetto for the Lombard team. Conegliano will try in every way to bring the series to Racing-5 to try to win the fifth consecutive title at PalaVerde. Milan, after losing 3-2 in the opener, literally dominated Game 2 and nullified a match point, winning in a tiebreaker, in Game 3. After years of Panthers dominance, this is the most balanced final of the tournament for a long time now, it really could happen. Anything, even if for the moment it appears that inertia is on the side of Orro and his cohorts. Conegliano fails to show his usual game at this point, and instead, Milan are on the cloud thanks to a host of forwards (Thompson, Sella, Larso, Foley and Stefanovic), who make all the difference. These two teams have met six times this season, with Conegliano leading 4-2 in their previous encounters. Ready for a great show at Monza Arena!

OA Sport brings you the live streaming of Milan Conigliano, valid match for Match 4 of the 2022-2023 Italian Volleyball Women’s Serie A Final, real-time news, minute by minute, action by action, emotion after emotion, not to mention you’re really missing nothing, The match will start at 21:25!

Photo: LiveMedia/Valerio Origo

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