USA, Donald Trump is guilty of insulting and defaming Jean Carroll

USA, Donald Trump is guilty of insulting and defaming Jean Carroll

A New York court ruled that Donald Trump abused Jean Carroll, but it was not rape, and mutilated her to dismiss the allegations. It’s the verdict delivered by the jury in the trial that took place in Manhattan. Donald Trump, 76, was accused by writer Jean Carroll, 79, of raping her in 1996 in the dressing room of Bergdorf Goodman’s New York department store and later defaming her, when he dismissed the accusations, calling Carroll a person who had done so. He “made it all up” to gain visibility and sell his book.


A Manhattan court jury has ordered Donald Trump to pay a total of five million dollars in damages against writer Jean Carroll: three for defamation and two for attempted rape. Billionaire convicted of defamation: Trump called Carroll a ‘liar’. “I have absolutely no idea about this woman, this verdict is a disgrace, a continuation of the greatest witch hunt of all time”: this is how Donald Trump commented on his New York jury verdict entitled “Social Truth”.


“This whole issue is bogus and it’s political: it’s aimed at President Trump because he’s now the front-runner to be elected President of the United States again.” This was stated by a spokesman for Donald Trump, referring to the conviction of the former US president on charges of sexual assault and defamation. “The continued misuse of our great constitution for political purposes is repugnant and cannot be tolerated,” the statement continued. “Our nation is in serious trouble when allegations devoid of evidence or eyewitnesses flood our courts to score political points.” Trump’s team said it would appeal the ruling.

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Trump denies raping the writer: It’s ridiculous

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