US classified papers: “Moscow almost shot down a British plane in Ukraine. It could have drawn NATO into war. Kiev’s air defense ammunition is running out”

US classified papers: “Moscow almost shot down a British plane in Ukraine. It could have drawn NATO into war. Kiev’s air defense ammunition is running out”

the Top secret documents affiliate pentagonal They ended up on social media forcingUkraine to change their own military planson the eve of what has been repeatedly announced as counterattack from spring. to reveal it is CNNQuoting a source close to the president Volodymyr Zelensky. In an article posted on its website, the American broadcaster also wrote that a leak The Pentagon has already pushed for steps to restrict the flow of these highly documented documents classwhich is usually available to hundreds of people in various government departments.

Kiev is running out of anti-aircraft ammunition. In addition to what has already been anticipated in recent days in articles The New York TimesAmong the documents contained a prediction – confirmed to the same American newspaper earlier American officers – On the risks you manage Kyivget out of Ammo for him air defense systems: lead in exhaustion And without the arrival of large numbers supplies Westerners will not be able to face any attacks beforeRussian aviationwhose strength is still intact.

Stockpiles of missiles for air defense systems S-300 And Facebook from the Soviet era, which constitutes 89% of the Ukrainian protection against most and some combat aircraft bombersit will be fully completed Mid-April and 3 MayAccording to one of the leaked documents. Text dating back to Feb 28th, based on the assessment on the rate of consumption of missiles of the moment. It is not clear if these rates have changed. The same document assessed that Ukraine’s air defenses are designed to protect the Ukrainian Air Force forces On the front lines, where a significant amount of Russian air power is concentrated, it will be “completely depleted.” May 23rdwith the consequent difficulties on air defense network deeper into Ukrainian lands.

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L’Biden administration Last week announced an additional shipment of ammunition and objectors air defense as part of an aid package from $2.6 billionPart of it will be used to help Kiev prepare for the spring offensive. Whether or not that will be enough remains to be seen, say US officials I have contacted nytby a number of factors, including whether allies child They will do themselves deliveries what if Russian President Vladimir Putin He will continue not to risk his precious warplanes. “The Russian army was torn apart, but the Russian Air Force did not disintegrate,” said the head of the Joint General Staff. Mark Milley in feb l MSNBC.

A Russian plane almost shot down a British plane. according to Washington Postthen, among the military documents, it also appears as Russian fighter Owns A British reconnaissance plane was almost shot down September 29. So it’s a file The most important incident than recognized by the authorities London And that he could drag The United States and its allies from child straight in The war in UkraineThe American newspaper confirms. The accident happened off Crimean coastUkraine, which was annexed by Moscow in 2014 and used as a base for the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The document refers to the incident as “close gunfire on a British ship”, with Rj alluding to the nickname “Rivet jointShared RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft. The aircraft is used to capture radio broadcasts and other electronic messages.

Wagner’s contacts with the Turks – In the documents, as leaked, there is also information about the movements of the Russian mercenary group Wagner whom he secretly met in February “Turkish Telecom”He does not hesitate to go to one of the NATO countries to get weapons and equipment for his battle in Ukraine. Doc, he writes The New York Timesindicating that the African country Financialin which Wagner has a large presence, can be used in a triangulation to buy weapons from Türkiye On behalf of the mercenary organization. and in leaks It also contains a summary of US services performed in the USpirate attackunder the leadership of the Russian security services (fsb), the IP address of Canadian pipeline company A February. She added that the attack caused her damage infrastructure. If the cybercrime group attack Zarya It was successful, according to the document, “This will be the first time that the ‘US intelligence community’ has observed a group of pro-Russian hackers executing devastating attack against me industrial control systems Westerners”.

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