Basketball, Italy beats Spain in overtime while waiting for the Olympic qualifiers

The match at the WiZink Center in Madrid ended with a score of 84-87: an excellent performance from Gallinari and Tunot. The match against Bahrain on July 2

Italy’s preparations for the Olympic qualifiers, which will decide its final participation in Paris 2024, end with a victory over the Azzurri in a friendly match away from their stadium against Spain, the European champion, at the end of a balanced match played at a high level. The match was decided strongly in the final, and Llull miraculously sent it to extra time. In extra time, the Azzurri managed to gain the upper hand, snatching a prestigious success: Bozzico found good indicators from the defense and the position of his team, with excellent performances from Gallinari and Tonot. The match at the WiZink Center in Madrid ended with a score of 84-87: it is now time to leave for Puerto Rico, where the Azzurri will face Bahrain on July 2 at 10:30 pm.

good defense

An excellent start for the Azzurri, who kept the attacking tempo high by building up excellent shots: Meli immediately took the lead with two hat-tricks and a great block from Willy Hernangomez. The defense performed perfectly and kept Spain to just one point in the first five minutes, and then Scariolo’s men entered the game influenced by Juancho Hernangomez, reducing the score to -4. The second quarter witnesses intense substitutions by the coaches, and the match remains balanced thanks to the terrible ratios of the two teams (12-31 from the field for Spain, 12-33 for Italy in the first half). For the Iberians, Brizuela’s impact off the bench was good, while Italy responded with Gallinari and Petrocelli. In the defensive half of the field, Bozeko’s men forced their opponents into 6 turnovers, but the attack lost speed and fluidity: the European champions finished the first half leading 33-28.

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The hosts try to turn up the intensity from the dressing room, but Italy stay in touch with a hat-trick from Spiso and one from Petrocelli. Abren is a decision from a corner kick, Willy Hernangomez does his best physically, and Scariolo’s team goes to +9: Mannion and Polonara take care of mending the gap, with playmaker Varese dribbling into the break. In the final minutes, the defensive intensity of both teams increased, with Pagula recording two brilliant steals, and Italy managing to equalize thanks to three successive hat-tricks from Gallinari, Tonot and Spiso with a minute to go. After the time-out, the Azzurri hit another shot from a corner kick for Tunot who scored again to sign a +3, but Llull’s magic brought everything back into balance, sending the match into extra time.

over time

Extra time starts off the right way for Butzico’s side, who have a five-point lead over Gallinari and Spiso. Italy manages to maintain the lead despite two threes from Aldama, but a turnover allows Spain to build a potential winning shot: However, Hernangomez’s jumper goes wide at the rim and Gallinari goes +3 with free throws. It seemed like it was over, but the Iberians had the last chance with Brizuela, who missed a hat-trick from a corner kick. An important success for the Azzurri, as well as an injection of confidence for the appointment in the pre-Olympic stage.

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