CNN enters Chernobyl: ‘Here the Russian soldiers brought radioactive dust on their bodies’

CNN enters Chernobyl: ‘Here the Russian soldiers brought radioactive dust on their bodies’

there CNN It had exclusive access to the Chernobyl power plant for the first time since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He found a place where the detector beep could be heard continuously. This is the room in which Russian soldiers lived during the occupation of the nuclear power plant. The source of the radioactive material is not visible in the room, but according to Ukrainian officials, it comes from small particles and dust that the soldiers brought into the building. “They went into the Red Forest, the area around Chernobyl that remains the most polluted area on the planet after the 1986 nuclear disaster, and brought the material to the ‘power plant’ through their shoes,” he explains. Ukrainian soldier Ihor Ogolkov.

“In other areas, radiation is controlled, but it increases here because they lived here,” he adds. Factory officials explain to US radio that the levels in the room used by Russian soldiers are only slightly higher than those in nature: one contact is not dangerous, but exposure endangers health. “They went everywhere, they even brought radioactive dust on their bodies,” when they left, Ogolkov claims. In an area at the edge of the forest, CNN also found a container containing lunch for soldiers with radiation levels 50 times higher than normal. In CNN images, plant areas Busy Of the Russians they appear as looters: clothes on the floor, personal belongings, boxes and bags. “The Russian soldiers were searching Ukrainians’ clothes and personal items such as dogs, possibly looking for money, valuables and laptops,” Ukraine’s Interior Minister told Denis Monastirsky station. “Here they were looting. They stole computers and equipment,” he says.

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