A temporary protest to demand that the government make it indefinite as the European Court of Justice says

A temporary protest to demand that the government make it indefinite as the European Court of Justice says

About 250 demonstrators gathered in Barcelona’s Plaça de Sant Jaume, in front of the Palau de la Generalitat, to demand that the government provide an appropriate response to the ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union, which upholds its conversion Temporary workers Indefinitely Without considering them responsible As a measure to punish the abuse of temporary contracts in Spain. “Fixesa, ja” was the cry of this protest, accompanied by further messages, such as “Interim president in the street” and on the banner “General government, commit, Europe demands it”. the A platform for those affected by public service It is estimated that there may be around 100,000 temporary workers in Catalonia who have been tied up in contracts for years.

Many of the protest participants were there with their families or groups of co-workers. Among the messages on the posters, it was possible to read messages such as “Stop abusing temporality; Fix it already!” and “The mistreatment of temps and the threat to public services.” Chairman of the Platform for People Affected by Public Employment, Jordi CerdaThey said they took to the streets to demand that the General Government and the Spanish state show the political will to comply administratively with the mandate of the European Court of Justice and that the provisionals should not “destroy the courts.” He warns that there will be tens of thousands of potential lawsuits: “It will have a huge cost to the public purse in processing wages or compensation,” and insists that the path must not be judicial, as the platform requested only yesterday.

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“We are absolutely convinced that sooner or later the legislator will have to respond to our demands, and will not be able to evade. Europe has already ruled and now it is time to turn to Spain and Catalonia to comply,” Cerdá noted to ACN before the protest began.

The platform indicates that the number of those affected and who could benefit from the ruling is about 100,000 workers in Catalonia, although it does not have official and complete data provided by the departments. Education and health are the sectors with the largest number of temporary workers suffering from temporary abuse.

The Platform for People Affected by the Public Service, created two months ago and joined by about 2,000 people, promoted the protest in a consensual manner with the teachers’ platform PINDOC and several unions, such as the CGT, CSIF, COS and CNT. In the statement, the interim representatives request “immediate stabilization of all persons subjected to temporary violations, including those who have discontinued the stabilization process.” For this reason, they are urging the government to promote a decree law that gives an “appropriate response” to the European Court of Justice decision announced on Thursday.

They also demand that the Catalan Civil Service ensure real career development, providing invitations to competitions and internal promotions that are compatible with an “updated model for the 21st century.” Temporary workers point to several grievances in the 2021 stabilization process, such as the fact that the number of places was less than the number of professionals in the case of temporary victimization, so that “people who had an impeccable career and were highly qualified were dismissed.” .

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