Revealed life-like duration with Pinocchio coming to Xbox Game Pass –

Revealed life-like duration with Pinocchio coming to Xbox Game Pass –

lies inthe promising soul-like film starring Pinocchio revisiting Collodi’s novel, will run for about 30 hourswhich can feasible Double To discover all the secrets and complete side quests. Data was shared by Choi Ji-Won, Director of Round8 Studio during an interview.

Ji Won said the studio has found what he believes is the perfect compromise for both gamers looking for a long-lived experience and those who prefer a shorter adventure. In this sense, 30 hours is certainly not a little, but not a lot, if we compare the data with the statements of other preachers of the spirit-like kind.

However, the estimate is only based on the average time taken to reach final credits. Those interested in uncovering all the secrets and hidden challenges in the world of Lies of P will take approx 60 hours To complete it, again according to Ji Won.

“Even for a player who wants to enjoy a shorter game, he can take it step by step,” Ji Won explained, recommending a hit and run approach to the adventure. “Each stage will take about 10 hours and each has different characteristics.”

Lies of P is a soul-like action game set in the cruel and dark world of Belle Époque. After waking up in a deserted train station in Balls, a city ravaged by madness and thirst for blood, protagonist Pinocchio sets out in search of Geppetto. The game will contain procedural tasks that affect the plot, it will be possible to upgrade weapons and acquire new skills for the hero. There is also a system of “lies” that will influence the course of events. An Italian translation has also been confirmed in recent months.

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Lies of P is set to release in 2023 On PS5 and Xbox Series X | S and PC. At launch, it will be available on Xbox Game Pass. The last time we saw the game in action was at Gamescom 2022, where a full 40-minute gameplay video was presented for the occasion.

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