[VÍDEO] Intervention by Marta Rovira at the National Council of the ERC

[VÍDEO] Intervention by Marta Rovira at the National Council of the ERC

Republican left Today, its first National Assembly is held since his resignationOriol Junqueras As head of the party, he must work to lay the foundations for negotiations regarding the inauguration of the new president of the general state. Without Junqueras, who assumes presidential duties as the highest official in the party Marta Rovirathe Secretary-General, who delivered his first speech to the militants, warning that the electoral results of Parliament would open its doors. A new political cycle The ERC must be resettled there.

But the first challenge is negotiations for the inauguration, which in principle should take place on June 25, although it is not clear whether any nominee will be appointed. Rovira said that the real negotiations will begin this week, and confirmed that they are on the agenda Meetings with both the PSC and with JuntsBut also with the economic and social sectors. He was firm with these two parties and warned them that they could not pretend that the ERC was setting the pace of progress, because they wanted to hear what country proposals they had. He also hardened his skin and told the militants that they should be able to discuss what is best without giving in to pressure. “Specifically dedicated to cases of poisoning and stress against chronic kidney disease: We tell you that we are not in a hurry. We do not bear all the responsibility and we will not bear all of it. There are two political parties that received more votes than us, and there is one party, the Peace and Security Council, that won the elections and may have other political majorities.”

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Now, although the ERC asks to know the country proposals of other parties, the ERC has its own proposal which is very clear: Unique financing for Catalonia. So this is a proposal directed more towards the Socialists, who can really make it, than towards the Junts. But it is not necessary for the Catalan socialists, but for the Spaniards: “The PSC must know that if Pedro Sanchez does not move the file on the individual financing issue, it will be very difficult for us to support him.”. The key is in the hands of the Spanish government and Sanchez more than Salvador Illa, most likely.

He has championed individual Catalan funding as a first step before the referendum. “We need fiscal sovereignty,” he said. He justified this through his experience at the helm of the Ministry of Economy throughout most of the past decade: “We realize the extent of the struggle to cover our expenses.” Rovira pointed out that the financial deficit amounts to about 22 thousand million euros that come out of the Catalans’ taxes every year and do not return, and that they are not asking for anything unprecedented either: “We want financing outside the common system, a bilateral agreement.” The relationship with the state already exists in the Basque Country and Navarre. “We want to collect all the taxes and decide what we will spend them on.”

At the same time, Rovira warned that they would not accept the cuts in the proposal, and that they would not accept “certain singularities” in the financial framework that the Spanish state is still deciding. “It is the minimum required, and we are not doing it ourselves. It is not a whim of the European Relief Agency, this is what the public needs.”

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