TV, every year you spend that much without connecting it to the network: that’s the exact number

TV, every year you spend that much without connecting it to the network: that’s the exact number
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Over the past year, both Italy and Europe in general have suffered due to the increase in energy prices affecting the entire continent.

This all dates back to about 12 months ago, around the time the conflict in Ukraine erupted, leaving many important aftermath across Europe. First of all, we remember the reckless increase in the cost of raw materials, including peanut oil and other basic necessities, which has caused general inflation across the entire food sector.

In addition, we also remember the increase in the cost of energy, both in terms of electricity and methane, and this has clearly forced the main energy supply companies (such as Enel Energia, in the case of the Italian territory) to increase as a consequence the cost of monthly energy bills, with all the anxiety that has arisen among the population of all Europe.

The Italian government, as well as many other European countries, immediately rushed to help cope with the high cost of energy and help the most needy citizens, by offering various bonuses.

First of all we mention the energy bonus of 150 euros deducted directly from the cost of the bills, in addition to all the privileges and deductions offered for the purchase of new generation devices, which allow lower consumption and therefore excellent savings at the end of the month .

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Nowadays there are a lot of household appliances and electronic devices in general that we use in our daily life. Between an electric oven, microwave oven, washer and dryer, refrigerator, etc., there are many appliances that we use day in and day out, even continuously.

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There are some devices that often continue to consume electricity even if they are not being used. One of them in particular is the television, which we will focus on today. Even if we don’t use it, in fact, it involves a lot of consumption, especially when it is in standby mode. Let’s find out together the consumption of the average TV in detail.

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A TV in standby mode consumes an average of 3W, which is roughly 5% of the TV’s consumption once it’s on. This would result in an annual consumption of about 26 kWh, at a cost of € 6.60, which in this case could very well be avoided. We therefore recommend turning off the TV completely by unplugging the power supply instead of leaving it in standby mode, in order to save energy first and foremost, as well as a reasonable amount of money at the end of the year.

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