“other than an increase in production fees.” Dismantling fake news from the left

“other than an increase in production fees.”  Dismantling fake news from the left

“There is no government provision that provides for an increase in taxes. I defy anyone who claims otherwise to show me that.” FdI deputy Letizia Giorgani, a member of the Chamber’s budget committee, described opposition accusations in these recent days.

So what is the truth?

“Nobody raised anything. It was simply decided not to renew the discount made by the previous government last March. A measure that Draghi himself envisioned as an emergency. I repeat: emergency and therefore temporary.”

But the energy crisis continues…

Precisely for this reason, it was necessary to free up resources for use in targeted interventions. It was inconceivable to proceed with the ex post renewal of a scale that alone costs close to $1 billion per month and which does not work where there is an urgent need.”

what do you mean by that?

In other words, the reduction in excise duty is a public subsidy. It does not provide for differences in income and, therefore, ends up benefiting the rich, who consume more fuel. I tell you frankly: we cannot risk sending the public accounts into the red to pay the full amount to Fedez and Ferragni.

Isn’t this some kind of demagoguery?

“The demagoguery is really carried out by those who promote the hoax of increasing the excise tax. Who are the same people who actually raised the excise duty when they were in government. Enrico Letta comes to mind who raised it in 2013 to finance the so-called “work decree”. As I recall Increases arranged by the first government of Prodi and Monti. As usual, the left preaches well and invades bad. “

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Back to full of vids and fragny …

“Look, there is a study by the Parliamentary Budget Office that claims exactly the same thing about lowering excise duties: the richest 10% of the Italian population received 6.5 times more benefits than the poorest 10%. This is because resources aimed at reducing the cost of energy commodities favor the rich who” They naturally consume the absolute largest quantities of these goods. “By not replenishing the discount, we have saved the treasury more than $ 9 billion a year. “

How will you use them?

Investing it in targeted subsidies for the weaker groups: such as the electricity bonus, the gas bonus, and the water bonus. All measures that we have anticipated in the maneuver and that will benefit recipients of income or citizenship pension, those who do not exceed 15 thousand euros or those with 4 dependent children up to a maximum of 20 thousand euros. The savings will range from 142 euros for a two-family unit to over 200 euros in the case of large families.

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