A journey through science, art and literature

A journey through science, art and literature

RECANATI – Students of The Institute of Ismaili Studies “E. Mattei” in Recanati met with Prof. Claudio Petinari, the remarkable Dean of the University of Camerino, who presented the symposium “From Lucretius to Nata: A Journey Through Science, Art and Literature”.

With skill and proficiency, the Rector has guided the students on a fascinating and unexpected journey to discover the sometimes unexpected link between art, literature, and chemistry.

A science emerges in unprecedented guise, as the inspiration and subject of stories, poems, paintings and songs, during a two-thousand-year journey from Lucretius to Nata, passing through Galileo, Lavoisier, Faraday, Pasteur, Mendeleev, Bohr and Hoffmann, important scholars alongside great artists such as Dante, Shakespeare, Raphael and Caravaggio Asimov, Carol, Leopardi, Gentileschi, De Andre and Levi.pet 2

reading to the world in the name of chemistry, a tool for discovering, understanding and explaining the phenomena of nature; But not only that, the story was a journey that showed how the development and progress of our society has often been the result of extraordinary chemical discoveries.

A traditional appointment, an appointment with the rector, which is repeated with punctuality every year and each time astonishes and fascinates the students, providing emotions and food for thought.

The meeting ended with the final discussion, with some deep considerations arising from the students’ questions and in which A. Petinari called them never to be discouraged and urged them to study with curiosity, wonder and method.

Special thanks from The Institute of Ismaili Studies “Mati” to Professor Petinari for giving students and teachers another opportunity for growth that cannot be missed.

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