A historic store in Lleida closes

A historic store in Lleida closes

Lleida residents will have more time to find their favorite costume from June 30 Miquel Llasera will close the historic La Festa store after More than 50 years Offering hundreds of costume models, tons of party supplies and gifts, plus fireworks. At the age of 69, the owner will retire in June and close his doors permanently because he does not feel comfortable continuing the business his parents founded.

It is located in No. 26 of Carrer Principe de Viana For the past 25 years, La Festa has been the reference store in this sector in Lleida thanks to the involvement of the owners and the adaptation to customer requests. “If we didn’t have a costume, we looked for one, and we had people working with us to make arrangements,” explains its owner.

Storefront in Principe de Viana with transport sign.. – MAGDALENA ALTISENT

Lacerra’s parents founded the store in Belvia in the early 1970s, already under the name La Festa, and after a short time they moved to Plaça Ricard Viñes. “I’ve been in the store since I was 15, my parents taught me everything and I saw that I stood up for myself well,” the owner recalls, so he took over the business with the help of his wife when they moved. To the headquarters of Príncep de Viana to adapt to regulations on the sale of firecrackers. “At this moment I am alone, I cannot find anyone and there is no comfort, so I chose to close,” Lacera laments.

La Festa’s clientele has remained steady and loyal over the years“From fathers to children,” according to its owner. “They all ask me the same thing now: What would we do without you? And I tell them they can call me if they need anything,” he says.

Most of the store’s customers were families and groups, and it also provided products for major celebrations at several town halls in the area. “It’s a shame we had to close because of our age, but it was a matter of pride,” he explains.

Lacera hung up Posters announcing the transfer a few months ago He explains that they are calling more since the bus station business in particular started. “You can tell there’s interest,” he says.

“Stores now have to adapt to customers.”

Commerce has changed a lot over the years; “Before we advised people more, now they come with a specific idea, model and budget, so we have to keep up with the latest developments and adapt more to the clients,” explains Miquel Lacera. “The Internet is another competitor, but the business is still sustainable,” he concludes.

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