A fatal blow to Paolo Ruffini: the video is a sadness that no one expected

A fatal blow to Paolo Ruffini: the video is a sadness that no one expected

Paolo Ruffini is one of the most beloved public figures in Italian show business. Actor, TV presenter, director and screenwriter, or a true professional. That is why he is proud of a profession worthy of all respect.

Despite many satisfactions over the years, Sometimes he had to deal with unpleasant situations. Recently, for example, he showed followers a really sad moment.

Paolo Ruffini – Youbee.it

Born in Livorno on November 26, 1978, Paolo Ruffini made his show business debut by lending his face to commercials. Since 2002 he has conducted some programs like MTV on the beach And the Choose Then we move on to acting. In 2005 he had a role in the movie black relatives titled Christmas in Miami.

In 2014 he was the protagonist of the musical Cinderella wanted next to Manuel Frattini In the same year, the film was shown in cinemas Everything is so beautiful who was his manager. The following year, it was called the movie Disney Zootropolis Where he voiced the character of Jax. During his career he achieved many successes, but at times he admitted with great humility of not achieving the desired results. This is what happened to him recently.

“Thank you one by one”

On November 3, the new film directed by Paolo Ruffini was released in cinemas, naughty boy. The presentation took place in the hall on Piazza Cavour in Rome. For him, it was very rewarding written, yet persistent tik tok Posting a video that did not go unnoticed.

Basically he wanted to show followers that The hall was almost empty: “I never pretend: there are whole rooms and I’m happy when this happens. But I present the film in all theaters, even in those with a small number of viewers. And when this happens, I thank them one by one … Thank you very much to all those who left Comfy couch and their stands tonight to go to the movies. Bad boy has a lot of word of mouth, and he lives thanks to you”.

movie plot

The protagonist is called Mattia, a teenager who is at war with the world and struggles with the pain caused by an epidemic. Thanks to social media, only things will open your eyes: From feeling his parents to loving himself.

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Thanks from Paolo Ruffini - Youbee.it
Paolo Ruffini thanks the attendees – Youbee.it

In the cast there Giuseppe Fiorello, Sabrina Impacciatore, Alessandro Bisigna, Massimo Guini And the Jenny de Nucci. The main theme is love that can defeat all kinds of evil, including the virus.

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