The US needs another $3 billion to remove Huawei and Zte from mobile networks –

The US needs another $3 billion to remove Huawei and Zte from mobile networks –
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The Organizer The telecommunications network needs an additional $3 billion to fund the removal of equipment built by giants from American network infrastructures Chinese Telecommunications Huawei and ZTE, Pregnancy The total cost is $4.9 billion.

This is what the agency told the US Congress: “To fund all reasonable and subsidized cost estimates (..) the reimbursement program will require $4.98 billion, reflecting a current $3.08 billion shortfall,” according to a report by Jessica Rosenworsell, chairwoman of the Federal Communications Commission, in a letter to Senator Maria Cantwell, chair of the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.

He added that because Congress appropriated just $1.9 billion to fund the removal, companies would only be reimbursed for about 40 percent of the costs.

In 2019, Congress passed a law authorizing the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to compel US telecommunications companies that receive federal subsidies to remove telecommunications equipment that poses a national security risk from their networks, with reimbursement pledges.

The Federal Communications Commission has designated both Huawei and ZTE as threats, forcing US companies to remove their devices or have their devices banned by an $8.3 billion government fund to buy new equipment. However, to fund the so-called “replacement and replacement” efforts, Congress appropriated only $1.9 billion, raising doubts about the effectiveness of the removal program.

“In the absence of an additional budget, the Commission will implement the priority plan set by Congress,” Rosenworsel said in the letter, adding that the Commission will begin processing claims “as grants will be issued in the coming days.” Companies are not required to complete the work until the payment has been refunded.

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