The liberation of Hamas, a woman and two children – breaking news

The liberation of Hamas, a woman and two children – breaking news

Hamas said it released a woman and her two children, according to a statement. The Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, said in a statement that an Israeli settler and her two children were released after they were detained during the confrontations.

Some Israeli media subsequently denied their release. In a video later broadcast by the Islamic Group’s Al-Aqsa channel, a woman wearing a blue shirt can be seen with two children and three armed men walking away from an area with barbed wire that appears to be the fence erected by the Israelis. Israel around the Gaza Strip. According to Israeli public television, these images show people who “were never transferred to Gaza.” The local press explains that she is Avital Al-Ajim, a resident of Kibbutz Holit, who, according to what was said in a series of interviews, was forcibly transferred to the area on Saturday, along with a neighbor’s two children, by Hamas men. The border between Israel and the Gaza Strip. Mrs. Al-Ajam said that her kidnappers then left her free to leave with the children.

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