“From De Philo…”. English Conti laughing

previous first Giuseppe Conte It has little to do with the English language. The evidence is a video that has surfaced on the net in these hours: the photos show the former prime minister meddling, with some pasta in British sauce, at Hope Revolution, an initiative organized by Nexus Institutet in Amsterdam this past weekend.

A ‘Conference Abroad’, then, has become fashionable to identify initiatives of this nature these days. Leader 5 star movement He was invited in addition to Patti Smith, granddaughter of former US President Mary Trump, leader of the opposition in Belarus and so on. In the list, another Italian participant also stands out: Father Antonio Spadaro, Director La Selta Cattolica.

The theme of the meeting is the revolution due to appearing in the world of SarsCov2, with all the consequences of that – You can read on the initiative’s website – Also from a “spiritual” point of view. However, Conte’s video risks becoming viral in other respects and certainly not for the subject of the event.

Because of the English Conte spoke during the event, it actually circulated Parody Posted by who knows who. The web – as we know – forgives almost nothing. Former Giallorossi Prime Minister and Yellow-Green Prime Minister perform a performance that does not seem capable of undercutting the English spoken by Minister Luigi Di Maio or by other advocates given the world of Grillino. Even MEP Dino Giarroso, who had some problems with the British language during a session of the European Parliament, will be able, after hearing Giuseppe Conte’s speech, to breathe a sigh of relief. He seems to understand that in the Grillino hemisphere, no one can identify themselves as a native speaker on the subject, in short, and it is probably best for everyone that this should be the case.

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The difficulties are understandable and disagreements on this issue will be only futile. a a smile However, one can escape if one thinks of a certain cultural hardening of the media circles close to the 5-star movement that are always willing to work around the flaws of others. Thus we learn in the video that Conte also needs pauses to think and a long “eeeeee” before uttering a sentence in a language that is not his. The expressions “Of di velu” and “Coscenzis” also risk going viral, as well as being an incomprehensible expression of “fly import”. The speech can be heard through the video who posted that it Youtube On a channel called “Dangeloario”.

Giuseppe Conte participates in the reorganization of the 5 Star Movement. This should be the week of choosing the new Political Secretariat. Among the possible changes and improvements, we recommend – but without presuming, unlike others – a nice group English language course.


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