Johnson: Putin threatens to bomb the UK – the world

Johnson: Putin threatens to bomb the UK – the world

Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened Boris Johnson With Rocket attack during an “extraordinary” phone call In the run-up to Moscow’s February 24 invasion of Ukraine: He said so The former British Prime Minister himself gave an interview to the BBC for a documentary titled “Putin against the West”.. The then prime minister said Putin told him “one minute will be enough”. The BBC writes that it is impossible to know whether Putin’s threat is real or not.

However, with BBC comments pointing to previous Russian attacks on the UK – most recently in Salisbury in 2018 – any threat from the Russian leader, however slight, is likely to be one that Johnson will have no other choice but to take. Seriously. Before the threat from the Russian leader, Johnson warned him – during a “very long” phone call in early February 2022 – that war would be a “total disaster” and would lead to Western sanctions and an increase in NATO forces to the border. from Russia. Johnson also tried to dissuade him by telling him that Ukraine would not join NATO “for the foreseeable future”. “At one point he threatened me, saying, ‘Boris, I don’t want to hurt you, but with a missile that will only take a minute. Or something like that,'” the former prime minister told the BBC. He added, “But I think with the very calm tone he had, the kind of detached air he seemed to have, he was just playing with my attempts to get him to negotiate,” commenting that Putin was “very informal” during that time. An unusual phone call. Nine days after the phone call, on February 11, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace met his Russian counterpart, Sergei Shoigu, in Moscow. The documentary reveals that Wallace left for London with an assurance that Russia would not invade Ukraine, but said that both sides knew it was a lie.

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liar”: So the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, specify the statement of the former British Prime Minister.

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