A BBC presenter who disappeared in Greece is believed to have died of natural causes

BBC broadcaster Michael Mosley67 years old, He would have died of natural causes Last Wednesday, the same day he went missing while on vacation in Greece and his wife reported him missing.

After several days of searching, on Sunday they found the man’s body in a rocky area, about 30 meters from the beach, on Symi Island. The man went out on foot on a coastal road leading to the village of Bidi, on a very hot day, and did not return.

Greek police spokeswoman, Constantia Demoglidou, explained this to the BBC The initial autopsy did not find any injuries on the body Which could have caused his death. He added that the lack of injuries and the position in which the body was found reinforce the initial conclusion that Mosley died of natural causes.

His wife, Claire Bailey, said in a statement that Mosley “took the wrong route and collapsed where the large search team could not easily see him.”

An aerial view of urbanization on the Greek island of Symi
The body of Michael Mosley was found in this area of ​​Symi Island in the Aegean Sea (Reuters/Panormitis Chatzigiannakis)

Mosley studied medicine in London decades ago He was a documentary presenter. He advocated intermittent fasting and was known for the so-called 5:2 diet, which allows you to eat normally for five days and restrict calories on the other two days, in addition to exercising.

The most famous program presented by Michael Mosley on the BBC is “Trust Me, I’m a Doctor” (“Trust Me, I’m a Doctor”). He was also a columnist for the Daily Mail.

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