[VÍDEO] Agustí Colomines deletes Forcadell and Torrent in the initial greeting and angers ERC

[VÍDEO] Agustí Colomines deletes Forcadell and Torrent in the initial greeting and angers ERC

Head of the age table of Parliament, Augusti Colomenes (Together), and he overlooked the previous Speakers of Parliament Carmen Forcadell I Roger Torrent In the initial greeting when setting up the new room. This angered the office secretary Mar Bissesfrom the ERC, who mentioned it when he took the floor.

Colomenes chairs the Parliament’s table of ages in the constitutive session of the 15th Catalan Legislature with Mar Pessis, from the ERC, wearing a black T-shirt with the message “Anti-Fascist Pride”, and Julia CalvetBy Fox.

Columnes delivered a speech lasting more than twenty minutes, in which he denounced the anomaly that had occurred Carles Puigdemont, Luis Puig I Robin Wagensburg They couldn’t be on the bike because they had to live in exile.

He put together a Yellow tape on the seat Which should occupy Carles Puigdemont, the ERC He left the seat empty It is Wagensberg’s request to explain to the council the instances of repression that still exist against independence, the party said in a statement.

In the Parliament’s guest lounge, there were President José Montilla and former Speakers of Parliament Ernst Benach, Nuria de Gisbert, Laura Porras and Carme Forcadell, in addition to Roger Torrent, who took a seat as a Member of Parliament. government, and Anna Ira, who served as another deputy.

The Secretary General of the General Union of Catalonia also attended the plenary session. Camille Ross,Leader of CCOO Catalonia, Javier PachecoComplaints Union of Catalonia, Esther Jimenez Salinasbattle of Tarragona, Ruben ViñuelesPresident of the Barcelona Regional Council, Louisa MoretAnd the previous Barcelona battle Xavier Trias.

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