This Toyota has the heart of a Ferrari: it’s so popular, you’ve probably driven this model too

This Toyota has the heart of a Ferrari: it’s so popular, you’ve probably driven this model too

It’s hard to imagine two cars that are different from Toyota and Ferrari. This model manages to combine the diversity of the Japanese with the strength of the Italians!

Two polar opposite brands that have achieved success Great success In the relevant market sector: It is difficult to imagine two companies as different as Ferrari and Toyota. True car enthusiasts appreciate both brands but for different reasons. On the one hand, we have the manufacturer that holds the record for car sales as the Japanese company has found in Toyota Corolla a great car that has achieved impressive success for years due to the low cost and practicality of the model.

Ferrari and Toyota –

On the other hand it is difficult to imagine a more famous name than… That Ferrari In the world of luxury sports cars with a company that, unlike Toyota, focuses on expensive exclusive cars that are often produced in limited series for a lucky few. We can find a meeting point between the two houses in a few interesting sports cars produced by Toyota that will not replicate the performance of a Ferrari but are still very close.

One of the latest purebred sports cars released At Toyota it is GT86: Produced between 2012 and 2020 at the end of a long genesis that gave life to a sports platform shared by Subaru with the BRZ and Scion with the FR-S, this small coupe combines the power of a sports car with a car at an affordable price for everyone. Its engine is a 200-horsepower four-cylinder engine that propels the car, which weighs just over a ton, to a speed of 230 kilometers per hour; Who knows if there was a Ferrari engine down there how this data would change.

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Toyota has become very fast

On the channel dedicated to the world of engines Cakes On YouTube we find Interesting video Which relates to the very special Toyota GT86 equipped with a Ferrari-derived engine. We’re not kidding because we have a tuning on our hands that sees the great hero in the 570-horsepower 4.5-liter V8 of the Ferrari 458 Italia, the jewel of the Italian company that at the time was in hot competition with the McLaren MP4. -12C which is worth 240 thousand euros today, think about it.

A Toyota with a 458 Italia engine drives like lightning! (YouTube) –

The question is how to fit a V8 engine under the hood of a car that is about four meters long? The answer is: It has nothing to do with thatThe tuning appears to come from a series of popular toy cars hot wheels With the powerful V8 engine savaging out of the engine compartment of the Japanese sports car. Therefore, the car is able to deliver a maximum torque of 539 Nm, but it is not used for racing, but rather to participate in fun drift races that amaze enthusiasts.

In the video, you can get an idea of ​​the real power of this little devil that really has what it takes to put even the most powerful supercar in a difficult situation: the chassis of the car has clearly been revised and lightened in some parts to make the car more performing. Who knows what the strict Modena management will think of this innovation considering that it does not need fine tuning.

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