If you take this step, you could get up to 5 years of arrears from the INPS. Here is the procedure to follow without wasting time.

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Knowing things allows you to have different things Advantages In every area of ​​life. Unfortunately, important news does not always spread as it should. Many of these relate to the gods rights Which workers should enjoy, but often don’t realize. Again, we’re referring to something about features from INPS so by saying National Institute of Social Security. In fact, there is a condition under which it can be obtained 5 years late without wasting much time. Everything may arise from miscalculations or from errors that can be interfered with. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Pension increase

there pension In no way can what is seen today be compared to the treatment of retirement that prevailed several years ago.

Indeed, once upon a time, the money spent by the state was proportional to cost of living, This is not the case currently. economic inflation and the Rising prices Indeed, it has seriously affected the pockets of Italians who, often, are unable to land lunar.

How to get INPS arrears –

Among the most difficult subjects we find precisely me retirees, Which hardly manages to exceed the amount of 1000 euros per month in respect of them pension. However, there are some Tricks Which would allow retirees round up pension allowance.

It is clear that we do not need to bring everything together, the situation is different from one individual to another by analyzing the working condition of the subject and the various factors that can affect the extent of The amount to be spent.

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INPS However, it offers various means to try to get more money, and at present, the most popular ones respond to the name additional fees.

How to increase your pension

when it comes to He increases A. is indicated increase to a million Which will be awarded to those over the age of 70. This is the most common form, although there are many other variations Enter It will change depending on the age of the applicant.

Those over the age of 70 can get one He increases who about 125 euros, This figure drops to 25.83 euros for those between the ages of 60 and 64.

The increase rises to just over 82 euros for those between the ages of 65 and 69. In some contexts, treatment may be subject to an additional operation He increases, But we are talking about situations where certain levels of perception are not reached Fourteenth month.

All such arrears will only be granted on a basis number Compared to the current year, but analyze the situation that has been observed in the past five years. Therefore, it is an aid that can help, in the long run, to solve the situation of many Italian pensioners

INPS Social Increase: How to Order It

Theme Social rewards It really intrigued many retirees, who were beginning to wonder what it was Procedure to get this scholarship. Again, to qualify for this procedure, you will need to file to request to INPS But only when the required requirements are present.

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In addition to the matter of age, one must possess annual personal income not exceed i 6,816.42 euros If you are not married, while this number rises to 12901.72 euros If you are a couple. To submit the respective application, simply connect to the official INPS portal, log in with your credentials and follow the instructions on the site.

Anyone who finds it difficult to carry out this task can contact Cafes and Petronati, who just won’t send to request But they will make sure that all the basic requirements are met.

At this stage, costs will also be calculated related interests for all arrears. Again the intent from INPS It is to act in complete transparency towards the worker or the pensioner, so that he can see his status and the rights he will obtain in the future.

sure a amount Too low, it won’t make life easier for retirees, but it might be a great start to try Monthly pension approximation.

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