Top 5 Natural Disaster Movies on Streaming Platforms

Top 5 Natural Disaster Movies on Streaming Platforms

Impossible (Netflix and Amazon Prime)

what is he talking about: Maria, Henry and their three children decide to spend their Christmas vacation in Thailand. It’s a dream stay until a tsunami floods the hotel and wreaks havoc everywhere it goes. The family, torn apart by the water and destruction, tries to reunite in a devastated environment.

evaluation: The entertainment he did G Bayona The 2004 Southeast Asian tsunami is a landmark of the genre because it prefers to focus on intimate drama rather than spectacle. Thrilling and engaging, it has a great cast led by Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor.

TWISTER (Amazon Prime, SkyShowtime, Movistar+)

what is he talking about: Oklahoma is about to experience one of the worst storms in its history. A group of scientists travel to an area where tornadoes are likely to occur to test a machine that will allow them to study them more closely than ever before. But they encounter a phenomenon that blows all their expectations away.

evaluation: One of the great commercial films of the 90s, in addition to being an example of rhythm and narrative tension, it is absolutely true to the description of the characters and the emotional conflict that drives the story. Soundtrack by Mark Mancina Visual effects wrap up the party.

Don’t search (Netflix)

what is he talking about: A graduate student in astronomy and her professor discover that a comet is going to hit Earth head-on. When they decide to go public with their discovery, they are in for a surprise: everyone, including the media, takes it as a joke.

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evaluation: Adam McKay The film exploits the usual premise of disaster cinema to deliver a bloody satire on the absurdity of modern society, the pettiness of the media and the collective tendency toward self-destruction. The cast, excellent, includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett, Jonah Hill and Meryl Streep.

2012 (Netflix)

what is he talking about: A reclusive writer takes his children to Yellowstone for a few days and discovers that one of its lakes has dried up. Meanwhile, a scientist suggests that the Earth’s axis of gravity is about to end the world as we know it.

evaluation: There are those who Roland Emmerich He prefers”tomorrowBut for some2012“We find it more fun and implausible, and therefore enjoyable. The scenes of destruction are glorified and the ending has a very poignant political reading. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

A Town Called Dante’s Peak (Amazon Prime)

what is he talking about: A distinguished volcanologist traumatized by the death of his wife discovers strange seismic activity in a dormant volcano near Dante’s Peak. Despite evidence that the volcano is awakening, the villagers’ resistance to leaving the village ends up plunging them into disaster.

evaluation: It beat the box office with “volcano“And it won. Not surprisingly, because although it collects some clichés of the genre, it stands the test of time very well, it has well-worked touching scenes and a duo of Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton It works perfectly.

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