How do you face Kherson? The American variant and the new red line for Moscow

How do you face Kherson?  The American variant and the new red line for Moscow

The Ukrainian army took advantage of the moment of inadequacy of the Russian forces’ operation, probably due to fatigue from the now long period of fighting, and launched an attack on Kherson, a city in southern Ukraine, which for a long time had been under the control of Moscow.

As the general explains in this interview Giuseppe MorabitoAnd the Several missions abroad, founding member of IGSDA and Board of Directors of the NATO Defense College FoundationKherson is of key strategic importance. It is the first major city across the Dnipro River, which divides the country in two in the southeast of Ukraine. Being able to take it back means having a bridgehead for the attack on that part of the country that fell into the hands of the Russians.

Then the city is connected to the Crimean region by a large bridge over which the incoming reinforcements of the Ukrainians pass, “that is why the Ukrainians bomb it, to isolate the city,” Morabito told us again. At the same time, despite the agreements, there are still many open points regarding the actual resumption of grain exports, as Moscow threatens to suspend the agreement at any time.

A series of explosions is underway on the large bridge connecting the city of Kherson with the Crimea. Is this a sign of an effective recovery of the Ukrainian army?

Kherson represents a strategic objective of paramount importance. It is the only city located beyond the Dnipro River, in the entire Ukrainian territory, occupied by the Russians, as well as the Crimea and the Donbass. Obviously, Zelensky wants her back. In addition to the moral significance, that is, the return of the Russians across the river, Kherson will serve as a bridge to a hypothetical counterattack. For the liberation of Crimea and Donbass. It is a signal that the Ukrainians want to bring the Russians back to the other side of the river and is a stepping stone if they have to attack again in the future.

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Perhaps that is why Zelensky asked a delegation of the US Parliament in Ukraine for new weapons, saying that he had a few weeks to recover the lands occupied by the Russians. Thinking this way is the cause of war, not negotiation. Is that correct?

It is not yet clear how far the Ukrainian army can release it to regain control of the occupied territories. Surely they should act before the “general winter” arrives, It was also popularly called. Winter in those places is very harsh and is, as the nickname says, a true ally of one power or another at war. It was so against Napoleon and it was also against Hitler.

This situation means that agreement on wheat Has no effect on a possible cease-fire?

The wheat deal indicated that there is a chance to talk if you want toThe beginning of the discussion. In fact, it is necessary to understand well what this agreement means.

what does it mean?

As the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said, if there are obstacles to Russian agricultural exports, the agreement will be broken. It’s a way to get your hands on and To make it clear that they are the ones who decide how and when grain exports can continue. The deal should not be seen as a sign that Russia is adjusting its stance, but rather the deal should be seen as a sign that it is Moscow who decides when Ukraine can export food and when it cannot.

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In short, do they hold the knife on the side of the handle?

The grain war is vital and perhaps even more so than the war on land. Russia is the world’s largest wheat exporter, controlling about 18% of the market. If it managed to control Ukraine’s grain exports, it would occupy more than 25% of the world market. This way you will practice Moscow Geopolitical domination of the so-called third world countries This is unparalleled.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is internally divided over military aid. There are those who would like to send long-range weapons that could theoretically reach Russian territory. Biden brakes, because he fears an escalation that would lead directly to World War III. Is that correct?

Biden is right, the Russians have said it many times: Don’t put Ukraine in a position to hit Russian territory. The further westward the Russians moved, the more difficult it would be to strike Russia with existing weapons. But if the Americans managed to hit Russia even from a distance, then obviously there would be no stopping the fighting. If Russia wants to keep Ukrainian weapons out of its reach, it will continue to advance. Indeed, Lavrov spoke of a red line that cannot be crossed. It is this red line that stops us in the face of a world war.

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