73% of Spaniards oppose Puigdemont's candidacy for the 12-M elections, according to an opinion poll.

73% of Spaniards oppose Puigdemont's candidacy for the 12-M elections, according to an opinion poll.

he 73% of Spanish citizens It is placed in Against President-in-exile Carles Puigdemont To be Gontz's candidate in the Catalan elections scheduled for next May 12, according to a poll conducted by JAD-3 for Mediaset. The poll was published three days after the European Parliament member announced his candidacy for the elections at a conference in Elna (northern Catalonia), in which he made his return conditional on obtaining a majority that could be used. Therefore, only 16% of those surveyed in the JAD-3 poll support this Puigdemont is the head of the Junts rosterWhile 11% avoided commenting on the topic.

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The survey also shows that 60% of those consulted do not consider this to be the case The amnesty law helps improve Regarding the political climate in Spain, 31% confirm that it will be an incentive to calm the situation and 9% do not answer the question. Another fact that emerges from the study is that 68% of Spaniards think so Pedro Sanchez's government has made many concessions In front of pro-independence parties, while 24% do not consider it so. The remaining 8% do not know or do not answer.

PSC is the leading candidate for 12-M according to exit polls

First Secretary of the Peaceful Council and Socialist Candidate, Salvador EllaThe Labor Party will win the elections in Catalonia, according to a poll conducted by the Sigma Two Foundation for the newspaper El Mundo, published on Sunday, giving it a margin of between 39 and 41 seats. The poll, conducted from March 14 to 22, collects only the opinions of 2,104 people who were interviewed the day after Puigdemont announced his candidacy, and therefore, It is still unknown For the impact his presence at the top of the list could have. Regarding independence, the total forces will remain four seats short of the absolute majority in the highest bracket, where the ERC and Junts will compete for second place. It gives Republicans a segment between 27 and 28, away from their current 33 representatives, while Gonz will move from 32 representatives to a segment between 25 and 29.

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he The Popular Party will gain strength, Reaching five times the results of the previous elections, with a difference ranging between 13 and 15. The House of Commons will also increase its representation in the chamber, by between 9 and 10 seats, while Vox will lose two MPs, from 11 to 9. CUP will also lose two representativesLeave 7.

Ipsos poll for the newspaper Vanguard A very similar scenario arises, i.e. places PSC in the exact result of 41 MPs. However, the Socialists can only govern through a tripartite government comprising the ERC and the Commons, or a dyad between the Catalan Socialists and the Council of Catalonia.

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