Discounts in Segrià and Móra d'Ebre

Discounts in Segrià and Móra d'Ebre

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Farmers from all over the emirate continue to protest: at nine in the morning, some tractors blocked the A-2 roads near Suces in the direction of Zaragoza and the AP-2 road near Alcarras. Another group of farmers cut down an A-22 in Raimat and an N-240 in Torregrossa. At the same time, in Mora-Debri, the voice of farmers is also heard: at a quarter past nine in the morning, they begin slow marches to block the C-12 and N-420 roads. In the Urgell area, a tractor campaign has also been called this afternoon, around 5 a.m., which will leave Ángelsula and advance toward C-53.

All this, after several slow runs were called for yesterday afternoon on C-15, C-53 and C-55 aircraft – causing delays of up to fifteen kilometers -. New actions are scheduled tomorrow: there are tractor marches called by the Farmers' Union A Mercaparna At nine in the morning, and another one at ten Port of Tarragona. Several marches have also been called in Girona's provinces.

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