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38-year-old San Columbano disappears into thin air

38-year-old San Columbano disappears into thin air

Lauriana Sorio, 38 years old

  • Wednesday 25 May 2022

No news of her since last night, searches began in San Columbano.

Lauriana Sirio, 38, has been missing a guest at the Fatpin Fratelli Center in San Columbano since at least early this morning. The police have activated the Milan prefecture’s protocol to search for missing persons.

Firefighters in the capital city this morning, Wednesday, May 25th, activated the advanced command center in the Town Hall, with a team inspecting the Fatibinfratelli Center.

At about 5:30 p.m. the helicopter supporting the firefighters landed and the Molecular Dogs arrived to search the area and the equipped boat that would allow them to check on the Lambro River.

The border guards of San Columbano and the local police began watching the videos of the municipal video surveillance cameras near Fatibinfratelli.

Lauriana Sirio, 38, with short black hair, wears a pair of black capri pants (calf lengths) and a blue shirt.

Read the in-depth article in “Al-Muwatin” newspaper on Thursday, May 26th

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