Developer Bluepoint Games is breaking months of silence to reconfirm the game’s new status

Developer Bluepoint Games is breaking months of silence to reconfirm the game’s new status

Bluepoint Games has been silent for months and now a developer has commented on the status of the company’s new game, repeating what was previously said.

BluepointGames The Demon’s Souls remake was published at the PS5 launch at the end of 2020. Since then, the team has no longer provided any specific information about what it is working on, other than that Original project.

With the arrival of the state of play last May, there may have been those who hoped that the team would be ready, after three and a half years, to give some indications, but this was not the case. Should we expect bad news?

Bluepoint comments on the progress of the new game

Fortunately, it appears to be the case. On Twitter, a user asked if there was any news, and Peter Dalton – Bluepoint Games’ CTO – replied that things had not changed from previous statements. The team is still working.

The user specifically asked: “Hi Peter, can you confirm if the studio is still working on original content as previously announced? Thank you and best wishes!”. that Dalton replied: “Nothing has changed from our statement that we are working on an original title. Everything takes time. We are committed to honing our skills!”

Some users reported on ResetEra, where the statement was shared, that this was the first time the team had used the words “Original title” instead of “original content”, emphasizing how this emphasizes that what Bluepoint Games is creating is not an expansion but a complete, standalone game.

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The rumor mill is pointing fingers in different directions, with some fans believing the team is working on a God of War spinoff (maybe Atreus?), based on the fact that the team helped the Santa Monica studio with God of War Ragnarok and based on artwork that appeared in an Insomniac leak Games.

But for now I’m alone Speculations We can only say that the team is still working on their project.

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