June 6, 2023

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“20 officers and 15 Wagner mercenaries were killed”

there will be A group of former British Special AgentsThe highly trained and veterans war Behind the high death toll among army generals put it in in Ukraine. This was first reported by the Daily Star newspaper, where a source within the British army confirmed the presence of a team made up of former special forces who provide logistical support to the Ukrainian army.

In view of the “special squad” there are high ranks of the army and mercenaries from the Wagner Group. According to sources in the English newspapers, they have already fallen victim to their ambushes 20 Russian generals And the 15 Wagner Mercenaries (The latter in one ambush).

Who are the members of the private team?

The elite squad is made up of ex-British soldiers from 12 men between the ages of 29 and 62 who spent 6 weeks on assignment in Ukraine. It is basically about ancient warrior who have already fought in Iraq and Afghanistan and have been recruited via WhatsApp into a group of ex-members of Detachment L (intelligence unit). “They have about 120 years of experience in Special Forces among them. They are completely self-sufficient. They have access to explosives, weapons and ammunition. The source who spoke to the Daily Star said that at least two medics trained in combat. The same source added that the mercenaries are fighting while they are They know that the capture of the enemy means certain death, as happened to the two British citizens who were captured by the Russians and sentenced to death in Donetsk: all odds are that they will be tortured, tried and executed as foreign mercenaries.”

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Finland, no to join NATO without Sweden. Helsinki: “Let’s go hand in hand”

For Putin, war is a “massacre of generals”

The war in Ukraine has turned into one The massacre of the generals. For Putin, who incurred many losses among the highest ranks of the army. Many wondered why the other death toll among commanders, assuming that difficulties in the field and low troop morale drove commanders closer to the front line to encourage soldiers and put themselves at greater risk than others. wars. The hypothesis is still valid, but now it is added certainty that the Ukrainians have been aiming since the beginning of the war to “decapitate” the invading army. The Ukrainian strategy was to kill especially commanders and generals, and to do this, it benefited from the support of qualified foreign personnel.

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