1300 billion euros – Corriere.it

1300 billion euros – Corriere.it
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The diplomatic note will be delivered tomorrow – October 4 – during a meeting between foreign ministers. Warsaw: a conservative figure. But the 1953 treaty ended the Berlin game

Poland is preparing to present it to Germany Narrative of the damage inflicted during the Nazi occupation during World War II. The BSAR application was submitted tomorrow – October 4 – on the occasion of the summit between the Foreign Ministers of Warsaw and Berlin. Above all to make a big fuss The amount claimed by the Poles: 1,300 billion eurosThe result of a calculation made by a parliamentary commission. And this number The Germans will argue – as they have already done in other circumstances – on the pretext that a number of International agreements It was signed in the past seventy years and they will put a file Tombstone in every claim related to war damage.

Poland, by Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau signed diplomatic note which describes the request. The parties must take immediate steps for a lasting and effective solution… to the question of the consequences of German aggression and occupation, Rau told a news conference in Warsaw. Such an agreement would allow us To build Polish-German relations on justice and truth And painful chapters close to history. The message will be delivered on the occasion of the celebration of German unification tomorrow in Warsaw in the presence of German Foreign Minister Annalena Barbock.

The figure is 1.3 trillion euros, according to Polish Parliamentary Committeetakes into account the damage caused by the bombing, loss of life, political sovereignty and territorial integrity Between 1939 and 1945 by the Nazis. This is a wise request He went so far as to say Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader Sovereign Pis PartyIn power in Poland. The country counted in those five years or so 6 million dead and the capital destroyed to the ground. But the amount requested has monstrous proportions: to make a comparison, it roughly corresponds to Half of the Italian public debt.

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Replica from Germany At the moment the diplomatic note has not arrived, but Berlin has long made its position on this thorny issue clear. a Treaty signed by Poland in 1953 Give up any claim, will Reaffirmed in 1990 When the borders between the two countries were finally determined after the reunification of Germany. But, this is the argument that served as a foothold for the Poles, the 1953 extension was accepted by them With the rifle aimed at the rear by the Soviet Union who did not want to put the then-German Democratic Republic in trouble.

Despite international treaties, despite the elapsed time Despite 70 years of peace guaranteed by the European UnionThe scars of the last world war return painfully periodically. In 2019, it’s Greece’s turn – who was suffering from years of austerity imposed by push from Germany – introduced War damage compensation request. The government of Athens calculated for this occasion 289 billion euros. Also in this circumstance, Berlin appealed to previous treaties that closed the game, in particular the Treaty of 1960 specifically between the German and Greek governments.

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