Israel – Hamas: News from today’s war. Tanks south of the Gaza Strip

Israel – Hamas: News from today’s war.  Tanks south of the Gaza Strip

Israel confirms: 15 out of 137 hostages held by Hamas were killed

The Israeli government confirmed that 15 out of 137 The hostages are still being held by the Islamic movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip They were killed. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office issued a statement revealing the names of “15 civilians and soldiers who were killed and are still being held hostage in Gaza.”
Among them are Shaked Dahan, Tomer Ahmes, Kirill Borovsky, Assaf Hami, Mia Goren, Ofra Kedar, Aryeh Zalmanovitz, Eliyahu Margalit, Ronen Engel, Aviv Azili, Ravid Aryeh Katz, Shani Luke, Oren Goldin, Yonatan Samarno and Guy Illouz. According to Israeli government data, which confirmed the killing of the 15 hostages on the basis of information and evidence collected by forces deployed in the Strip, 122 of the more than 240 hostages taken by Hamas during the October 7 attack are still alive in Gaza. .
Among the hostages considered to be alive are two children, brothers Ariel and Kfir Bibas, aged 4 years and 10 months respectively, who were kidnapped along with their mother, Sherry Silverman Bibas – of Argentine origins – and their father, Yarden Bibas. Israel accused Hamas of violating the terms of the truce reached on November 24-30 by refusing to release Ms. Bibas and her two children, but the Islamist group claims that the three were killed in the Israeli bombing and offered to hand over their bodies, but this was rejected by Israel.
Thousands of people, including some recently released hostages, demonstrated in Tel Aviv on Saturday to demand that the government rescue others, but Netanyahu insisted that the priority now was to intensify the military offensive in the Strip.
105 hostages – 81 Israelis and 24 foreigners (23 Thais and one Filipino) – were released during the seven-day truce, which included the release of 240 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons. They were joined by four other previously released hostages: an Israeli-American mother, her daughter, and two elderly Israeli women. In addition, Israel recovered the bodies of three dead hostages in Gaza: a man, a soldier, and an elderly woman.

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