Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Putin promises military supplies to allies

Ukraine – Russia, war news today.  Putin promises military supplies to allies

Ukrainian President Zelensky accuses Moscow of launching new attacks in the factory area and talks about “heavy fighting also in the Donbass”, where a Ukrainian missile destroyed a base of Russian Wagner mercenaries. The Ukrainian president also said that “an accident in Zaporizhzhya will affect many countries.” A phone call from Shoujo Guterres. Several dead in Kharkiv after a Russian raid. Moscow claimed responsibility for the operation, saying it was a “mercenary” base.

Moscow: Railroad sabotage in the area bordering Ukraine

In the Russian region of Kursk, bordering the northeast of Ukraine, unknown assailants, in attacks carried out at different times, blew up at least 6 towers that supplied electricity to trains along a railway used to transport goods, effectively cutting them off. . Many Ukrainian and Russian media wrote this, citing the Russian security services FSB, blaming the “Ukrainian saboteurs”. The sabotage work, according to the FSB, was completed on August 4, 9 and 12.

Kyiv sources: Ukrainian elite units are behind the Crimean attack

Senior Ukrainian official speaking with The New York Times He claimed, on condition of anonymity, that explosions at the military base in Crimea They were provoked by an elite Ukrainian military unit operating behind enemy lines. The The New York Times He pointed out that the Russian Defense Ministry spoke of “an act of sabotage.”

Kyiv and Russian raids in the north “left Belarus”

Russia launched a missile attack on the Zhytomyr region in northern Ukraine: the governor of the region says so Vitaliy Bunichko on Telegram. “Warning. Two explosions were confirmed in the Zhytomyr region after an enemy missile attack,” Ponchenko wrote, adding that “according to preliminary information, the missiles that hit the Zhytomyr region today were fired from the territory of Belarus.” The senior official added that “there were no injuries.”

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Finland, the number of Russian visas will be reduced to 10% of the current one

Finnish Foreign Minister Becca Havesto She announced that Finland will restrict visas to Russian tourists from September to 10 percent of the current number in retaliation for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Finnish authorities have developed a plan to give priority to those applying for a visa for family, work or study reasons. Finland accepts about 1,000 applications per day from Russian citizens. From next month, it will drop to 100. Helsinki is also considering adopting a rule that would pave the way for the adoption of new penalties, while considering adopting a humanitarian visa to facilitate the transfer of journalists, dissidents and activists to Finland. According to the public TV channel Yalla.

Zelensky talks to Macron: “Aware of Russian nuclear terrorism”

He added, “The dialogue with the French president continues Emmanuel Macron. I got acquainted with the situation at the front, about the Russian nuclear terrorism at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant. Thanks for the tangible assistance for the defense of Ukraine. Discussion on macro-financial aid in Kyiv and challenges to food security. We must tighten sanctions against Russia.” The Ukrainian leader wrote in a tweet dedicated to a conversation with the French president Volodymyr Zelensky.

New explosions in the Crimea near Simferopol

New explosions in Crimea: the accident occurred at a Russian military base near Simferopol, a hundred kilometers from the village of Miskoy, where an ammunition depot exploded this morning, denounced by the Russian authorities as an act of sabotage. Reported the news from Kyiv Independent Then Moscow confirmed this as well: the newspaper Kommersant Gvardiskoye residents in the Simferopol region, who said they saw black smoke on the air base located in the village, cite after hearing several explosions. .

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Moscow, Crimean warehouse explosions due to sabotage

The explosions that damaged an ammunition depot in Dzhenkoy in the Crimea were caused by acts of sabotage. This was reported by the Russian Defense Ministry, adding that about three thousand people were evacuated from neighboring regions. Reports about it tax. “On the morning of August 16, after a sabotage operation, a military depot near the village of Dzhankoy was damaged,” the Russian Defense Ministry said. The explosions damaged civilian structures, including power lines, power stations, railway lines, and apartment buildings. The Russian Defense Ministry added that “there are no serious casualties. Necessary measures are being taken to reduce the consequences of sabotage.”


Shoujo: “We will not use nuclear weapons to achieve goals”

Russia does not need to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine to achieve its goals. This was confirmed by the Minister of Defense, Serge Shoigu, speaking at the International Security Conference in Moscow. “From a military point of view, it is not necessary to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine to achieve the stated goals – the main goal of Russian nuclear weapons is to prevent a nuclear attack,” Shogo said. Referring to the New Start Treaty, the minister noted that “the agreement remains in effect until 2026,” stressing that “the obligations of the Russian side have been fulfilled” as “the declared levels of tankers and warheads have been maintained within the established limits.”

Kyiv, in the event of a central emergency Zaporizhzhia 400 thousand evacuated

Emergency situation at the Ukrainian nuclear power plant Zaporizhia He told the announcer: Under Russian occupation, at least 400,000 people must be evacuated apostrophe tv Head of the Military Administration of the Homonymous District, Oleksandr Staruchbased on reports Ukrinform. Staruch explained that the situation in Innerhodar, the city hosting the power plant, is considered “serious” and that the evacuation plan for the city and the area at risk of radioactive contamination is currently being modified, taking into account recent military developments.

Putin promised to increase military supplies to allied countries

Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin He promised to expand military cooperation with the country’s allies, stressing that Moscow is ready to provide them with its latest weapons. Speaking at the opening of an annual arms fair outside Moscow that caters to foreign customers, Putin said that Russian arms exports play an important role in developing the “multipolar word,” the term the Kremlin uses to describe its efforts to offset what he sees as US global hegemony. Putin praised the Russian military’s action in Ukraine, which led to widespread Western sanctions, and thanked Moscow’s allies for their support. “We really appreciate the fact that we have so many allies, partners and people who share our ideas on different continents,” he said.

Vladimir Putin with Defense Minister Serge Chugo

Vladimir Putin with Defense Minister Serge Chugo (ANSA)

Putin, the West is using Ukraine as cannon fodder

Western countries “need struggles to maintain their hegemony.” For this reason, “they appreciated that the Ukrainian people could be used as cannon fodder.” The Russian president said that Russian President Vladimir Putin In a speech he delivered to the participants and guests of the Tenth Moscow Conference on International Security, according to what it reported tax.

Kyiv, “6 more howitzers arrived from Latvia, the results are already showing”

“6 more M109 howitzers recently arrived in Ukraine from Latvia are already showing results on the battlefield. I am sincerely grateful to my colleague Artis Pabrix And to the people of Latvia for their unwavering support. Together we will win! So on Twitter the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksig Reznikov.

Explosions in Crimea and fire in an ammunition depot

Some explosions were recorded in the north of Crimea: according to local media, a transformer cabin and an ammunition depot caught fire in Miskoy, near Dzhankoy. Sergey Aksionov“Investigations are underway into the circumstances of the accident,” he said, who was appointed by Moscow as head of the region, and the governor announced that two civilians were injured and the evacuation of two neighboring villages is currently underway.

British intelligence, the limited effectiveness of the Moscow fleet undermines the invasion

“The Black Sea Fleet continues to use long-range cruise missiles in support of the ground offensive” in Ukraine, but its “currently limited effectiveness undermines Russia’s overall strategy of invasion.” This was stated by British intelligence services in the daily bulletin on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. London 007s stressed that the Russian fleet was struggling to “exercise effective control over the sea: its flagship, Moskva, had lost a significant part of its fighters and control of Snake Island”. They concluded, “The current limited effectiveness of the Black Fleet undermines Russia’s overall invasion strategy, in part because the threat to Odessa is now largely neutralized. This means Ukraine can divert resources to pressure Russian ground forces elsewhere.”

Zelensky conducts the purge through the heads of other security services

The disinfection Volodymyr Zelensky in services safety. The Kyiv Independent It gives news about the decrees signed by the Ukrainian president by which the heads of SBU were impeached in Kyiv and in the regions of the capital, Lviv and Ternopil. According to the decrees published on the presidency website, Sarhi Zayat He was dismissed from the post of head of the Main Services Directorate of the Kyiv region, Yuri Purishuk He was dismissed from the post of head of the main SBU Directorate in the Ternopil region, while Artem Bondarenko He was transferred from the position of head of the Intelligence Directorate of the Lviv region to the position of chief executive of the Public Security Service of Kyiv and the metropolitan region.

Ukraine, the first ship laden with grain left for Africa

The first ship loaded with grain to Africa left the Ukrainian port of Pevdny. This was announced by the Minister of Infrastructure in Kyiv, Oleksandr KubrakovThe brave commander is expected to arrive in Ethiopia within two weeks. The shipment – the first to go to Africa since it was signed in Istanbul on July 22ndexport agreement It transports about 23 thousand tons of wheat.

Moscow: “The IAEA cannot cross Kyiv to reach Zaporizhia, it is very dangerous.”

The Russian diplomat alerted the IAEA that “the IAEA cannot cross Kyiv to reach Zaporizhia, this is very dangerous.” A senior diplomat in Moscow was quoted by Russian news agencies as saying that any mission undertaken by the United Nations nuclear agency to inspect the Ukrainian Zaporizhzhya power plant cannot pass through the capital, Kyiv, because it is too dangerous. “Imagine what it means to go through Kyiv, it means that they come to the nuclear power plant through the first line,” he told reporters. Igor Vishnevitsky, Deputy Head of the Department for Nuclear Proliferation and Arms Control of the Russian Foreign Ministry, according to what it reported Reuters. The diplomat also said that in no way had the Aiea sent a mandate to deal with the “disarmament” of the plant as requested by Kyiv.

Mali, jihadist group claims to have ‘killed four Wagner mercenaries’

Mali, a jihadist group claims to have “killed four Wagner mercenaries”.

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