NBA Finals Lakers-Celtics Game 7: Hey, Look! It’s ANOTHER Game 7 Primer!

Holy crap! It’s Game Seven. GAME FREAKING SEVEN! This is what it’s all about. Instead of trying to find some clever way to tell you how big this game is even though you already know and you’ve already read about… Continue Reading

NBA Finals Lakers Celtics Game 7: A Legacy Equinox

There’s no more basketball after tonight. Not for five months, anyway. So you’d better enjoy this. These are the two best teams, according to the metric we use to determine that value (most wins from mid-April through June). So you’d… Continue Reading

NBA Finals Lakers Celtics Game 6: The Lakers Transition Defense Is Here To Save The Daaaaaaaay!

In Game 5, the Lakers defense was, well, worthy of mockery. But in Game 6, they brought it, man to man, baseline to baseline. They were everywhere, swarming, contesting, and bringing an absurd amount of intensity to each possession. All… Continue Reading

The Los Angeles Lakers Are A Great Team

No, I did not lose a bet. Yes, this is like root canal. No, this is not a backhanded compliment (well, it probably will turn into that, but I’m going to do my best). After careful review this morning, I’ve… Continue Reading

NBA Playoffs Lakers-Thunder Game 5 Recap: They Crush Your Head

We knew they had it in them. It’s been pretty obvious the last couple of months that if the Lakers wanted to play basketball the intelligent way then they would have a lot more games like this. Instead, the Lakers… Continue Reading

NBA Playoffs: Thunder Are Learning How To Walk Even If They Keep Hurting Themselves

Progress. A little over three weeks ago, I was playing some pickup hoops with some of my friends. It was a little windy out and I was having a bad day shooting the ball. It probably would have been a… Continue Reading

NBA Playoffs: Thunder and Lakers Show You How Not To Play The 1-8 Matchup

This was one of the most frustrating games I’ve ever watched and I’m not even a fan of either team. So I can only imagine what it was like for Lakers and Thunder fans. For a while, it looked like… Continue Reading